How to create a successful sci-fi fan page on Instagram (and even make money from it)?

Today, Instagram is a platform for everyone: for individual content creators, for people who just want to share their best moments with their loved ones, for brands and, surely, for communities – these are the pages that take up a lot of space on IG and gather a lot of fans around them. However, it shouldn’t just be about sharing interests and experiences of watching movies and reading books, if we’re talking about the sci-fi fan page – it can even earn you money, if you do things right. This article was written exactly for people who run such pages (or are thinking of starting to run them) and want to monetize their efforts and the content they offer every day – how do you do it and how an opportunity to buy instagram followers can you help with that?

Where to start ?

The first thing to do before looking for ways to monetize is organize your profile the right way. It might be a little chaotic right now – but how do newcomers navigate it and find everything they need? You need to make sure you have decent highlights pinned at the start, that your post count is enough to create a sense of content fullness and variability, and that you have clear communication channels with your audience and with people. who might want to offer you collaborations and advertisements (place the necessary links in the bio or find another way to create a communication channel).

And after?

Start filming reels, if you haven’t already. It’s the best tool for promoting any page – you might be wondering what videos can I create as a sci-fi fan page owner? Well, whatever you fancy: from reviews of the latest books and movies, to lists of recommendations, to funny videos that touch on the subject of your favorite show or book, you’ll find your audience either way. It is better to start from something more or less mainstream; this way you will be able to sufficiently expand the circle of viewers and potential subscribers.

What else can you do?

If your profile does not yet have enough weight, you can solve this problem by using a chance to buy real instagram followers – however, this tool requires several nuances before using it. Keep in mind that the followers you buy must be real – real people, who use their profile daily and are willing to become someone’s followers for a reward. This is a scheme that decent promotional websites use; if the website you found does it the other way around, the possibility of you getting bots and fakes instead of real subs is very high. We don’t need to explain why bots and fake as subs are bad, do we? Anyway, you can easily google it using the words “Instagram stats”.


Start with page organization and work your way up slowly – use free and paid promotional methods, combine them for best results as soon as possible and remember that the main key to success always lies in your own effort and creativity .

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