How To Improve Your Facebook Fan Page | Small business

A Facebook fan page is a useful tool for a business or organization to boost business and increase its customer base. It’s also an easy way to communicate with your group or customers, but it’s only effective if you have a large audience. There are several ways to increase the number of likes on your page, which gives you a larger audience and makes your page more effective. Once you’ve grown your fan base, take steps to make the page more effective.

Increase Likes

  1. Ask your personal Facebook friends to like your business page. Send a message or post a status update telling them why your page would be useful and ask them to forward it to their friends.

  2. Organize a contest or giveaway for your fans. If you give an incentive, many more people will be inclined to like your page.

  3. Add “Like us on Facebook” to any advertisements you have.

  4. Put a Facebook badge on your website. The people on your website are the most interested in your business and the most likely to like you on Facebook.

  5. Use the tag feature to help your page go viral. Ask your fans to post photos and tag themselves. This tag will appear on their walls, alerting their friends to your page.

  6. Use the landing page feature. Facebook lets you decide which part of your page users land on first, and you can direct users who have never visited your page to a different landing spot than those who have. Make sure new users land on something interesting to keep them coming back.

Increase efficiency

  1. Thank your new fans. If you make your fans feel appreciated, they’re less likely to leave. Reward new fans with a coupon, free product, or a simple thank you message.

  2. Post status updates to let your fans know about any upcoming events or changes. They follow your page for information, so don’t let them down.

  3. Create your logo or something recognizable as your brand for your profile picture. The image they see with your posts is what they will associate with your business, so make sure it’s something professional that relates to what you do.

  4. Use Facebook Insights to measure the impact of your page. These features are available from your dashboard and tell you how your page is growing week by week and how many people are noticing what you are doing.

  5. Allow your fans to post comments and photos on your page. This feature makes them feel more comfortable and turns your page into a forum for your fans.

  6. Follow your fans. If a fan posts to your wall, anyone who visits your page can see it. It’s important to address whatever is posted, whether positive or negative, so that others get a good impression of your customer service.

  7. Chat with your fans. They all know you’re there to run a business, but making it clear can be a deterrent. A friendly approach to your fans will help them see you in a more positive light.

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