How to Submit Your Facebook Fan Page for Verification

Facebook page verification is highly sought after by most brands and celebrities. Although Facebook states that there is no way to request a page for verification, I found a way around the problem and of course couldn’t wait to share it with my readers!!

This week #SocialMediaMinute will teach you how to submit your Facebook fan page for verification.

PS: I was very surprised at the amount of other ridiculous “tutorials” I found while researching this topic. Some were about copying and pasting code, downloading sketching software, and the top result on YouTube for this search is a video of a guy saying you can’t verify your page….wonderful!

For that reason, be sure to share this article because it’s the only legit way I’ve found, oh, and it works!

What are verified pages?

Verified Pages will have a badge next to the Page name that indicates the Page is the authentic voice of the business or individual. This makes it much easier for people to find and interact with the businesses and brands they’re looking for on Facebook.

Plus, verified pages get a huge boost in organic reach!

Keep in mind that Facebook Fan Pages that are verified are only owned by a small group of high-profile public figures (celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses) with large audiences and that Facebook proactively checks genuine pages and profiles that are at the greatest risk of identity theft.

Video tutorial

Disclaimer (don’t waste your/FB’s time)

Please use common sense when submitting your Facebook fan page for verification using the form.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your Facebook page the official presence of a popular brand or celebrity?
  • Is your Facebook page currently spoofed or is it likely to be spoofed?
  • Does your Facebook page have a large following? (i.e. more than 20,000 fans)
  • Does the page in question run Facebook ads? (may not be necessary but I think it provides extra leverage if you are)

What to Include in Your Verification Form Submission

It is important to include the correct information when submitting your Facebook page for verification. This will reduce unnecessary back and forth that may occur between your medium and Facebook’s. Including relevant information will also reduce the likelihood of your request being rejected (assuming they receive requests all the time).

Here’s what I included that helped get my submissions through (and ultimately verified) to the Facebook Pages team:

  • URL of the fan page I wanted to check
  • Links to the official Brand website
  • Links to 2-3 impersonating fan pages
  • A good reason WHY the page should be verified (If you can’t answer this question, it’s probably best not to submit an application)

If your request is denied:

If your profile or Page is unverified, there are other ways to help your followers or people who like your Page know that your identity is genuine.

For example, you can:

  • Link to your Facebook profile or page from your official website
  • Complete the About section of your profile or Page to provide more information


I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the response I received from Facebook’s Global Marketing Solutions team. After checking the pages, I was sent a follow-up questioner about their level of service and my experience working with their support. I suggest for good karma to leave them feedback whatever.

Verified Facebook Pages have many benefits apart from the blue tick. They rank higher in search, have increased organic reach, and are allowed to add other special features to their pages like video trailers.

Good luck and don’t forget to spread the word!

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