Hulk vs Thor Fan Art Shows Who Really Is The Strongest Avenger


Image Comics artist Joe Palmer brings his inventive skills to the superhero genre, as a Thor vs. Hulk clash confirms who the stronger Avenger is.

Two of the most formidable Avengers in Marvel Comics, the The Incredible Hulk and the Mighty thor, have come together to compete in an original fan art of Image Comics talent Joe Palmer. As some of Marvel’s early heroes, Hulk and Thor have a long and seasoned history of teaming up and battling to decide who’s stronger by trading blows.

There aren’t many Marvel clashes as contested as the feud between the Asgardian God of Thunder Thor and the Monster of Science Hulk. Outside of the comics, the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe played a big part in the notorious Hulk / Thor rivalry, which ultimately grew into a close friendship between the two heroes. While the 2017 fantasy comedy from writer and director Taika Waititi Thor Ragnarok was a reinvention of established Thor’s mythology, much of this film’s popularity came directly from the back-and-forth between Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner / Hulk.

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Professional comic artist Joe palmer took to Twitter to share his own take on a battle between the Marvel titans. Residing in the UK, Joe is the artist behind Image Comics’ Write it in the blood and Time before time, two titles that examine humans who survive through drastic situations and environments. While the Hulk is generally a larger-than-life character, Joe’s fan art visibly depicts a much taller Hulk towering over a less towering Thor. Paling over his enraged opponent, all that the proclaimed god of thunder can muster is a weakling, “Oh damn.” With the Hulk’s seasoned history to defeating the strongest opponents, it’s no surprise that Thor is rather eager to take on the Green Rage Monster. Included with the art is the phrase “No Banner Only Hulk!”, A famous line used in the Myriad The Incredible Hulk comics, cartoons, shows and even cinematic depictions of the character.

Marvel is hugely successful Immortal hulk run only saw the Jade Giant grow stronger, and although Thor is currently the all-father of Asgard, countless stories have pierced the idea that when it comes to a contest of pure strength, the Hulk will always triumph (after all, he is the strongest there is.) Palmer’s art embraces this inevitable conclusion of Hulk vs. Thor, turning the moment the God of Thunder acknowledges he is surpassed into a painting. comical.

The piece is a perfect fit for some of Marvel’s more humorous projects, such as the Non-Canon Anthology Strange tales or the artist’s recent showcase wonder, so fans shouldn’t be surprised to see Palmer handle the strongest Avengers soon, even if Thor fans might not like how much this art suggests he’s up against Pontoon.

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Source: Joe palmer

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