Irish Simpsons fan page reveals conspiracy theory about Ned Flanders

An IRISH Simpsons fan page miraculously uncovered a conspiracy theory about Ned Flanders.

Fans of the show will know that Ned is the god-loving neighbor, sporting a mustache and two good shoes, Homer and the gang, and most importantly, he’s left-handed.

In fact, he even has a shop that only sells left-handed products called The Leftorium.

The eagle-eyed Twitter account – Ireland Simpsons Fans – noticed something was not so “right” (Am I funny?) Right hand over the years.

Flanders was spotted bowling, writing, and playing guitar with his right hand, and Ireland Simpsons fans decided to embark on a full comic and reached out to the producers of the broadcast, looking for answers.

Ireland’s Simpsons fans have become a complete comic book guy

Tagging Al Jean, who has written for the show since 1989, and who has been a permanent show-runner since 2001, the fan account wrote: “@AlJean, explain yourself”, along with several photos of Ned’s work who frowns.

So what is going on here?

Is ‘Saint Flanders’ actually a double-edged liar having posed for almost 30 years as a proud southpaw, or was it just a case of forgetful animation?

Fortunately, Al Jean himself made contact to provide the answer.

“A right-hander will be permanently fired for these blunders,” he wrote in response – confirming that it was the fault of the show’s creators, not Ned himself.

Al Jean’s response.

Thank god, eh stable Neddy?

Anyway, if you are a Simpsons fan follow Ireland Simpsons Fans, you won’t regret it!

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