Is this proof that MAFS ‘Mike runs his own fan page?


After his controversial honeymoon with Heidi, Mike from Married At First Sight became one of the most hated attendees (until Ines arrived…), which begs the question: his “status” deserves- does it really have a fan page?

Some MAFS enthusiasts have uncovered some sneaky clues that could prove the 44-year-old runs his own fan account on Instagram – @team_mike_mafs.

In a post shared on the “Married At First Sight Australian Fans” Facebook group, it was revealed that Mike was the first person to follow his fan account. He also responds to most of the comments, and the page captions are weirdly detailed, which might prove Mike writes them.

For example, in one article, the caption describes the MAFS star as an honest, open, loyal and hardworking man.

“It’s easy to overlook the human side of the people we see on TV. For those who know Mike, we know him as a guy who would do anything for a friend and anything for the family. He is open, honest. Loyal. Worker. And he is a strong advocate for animal welfare.

This begs the question: How does a “fan” know so much about a man who has only been on TV for a few weeks? While the bio now says “We are friends of Mike”, we still have questions.

If Mike is actually running this account, he’s had quite a few conversations with himself in the comments section.

From puppies to rainbows and vacation photos, Team Mike has certainly chosen a good variety of photos to paint the 44-year-old in a positive light. But, the mystery remains. Who is really run this account?


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