James Tynion IV launches Department Of Truth Wild Fictions on Substack


James tynion iv and Martin simmondsThe Department of Truth was a smash hit for Image Comics, in a world where conspiracies come true when enough people believe them, with an investigative body led by Lee Harvey Oswald. And now Tynion brings it to Substack. With The Department of Truth: Wild Fictions.

It will focus on the field office team that is hunting down legendary monsters before enough people believe it, and has been introduced in Tthe department of truth # 11 and # 12 Bigfoot Story.

Both sides introduced THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH: FIELD OFFICE, which focuses on hunting and killing cryptids before belief in them spread too much across the country. In Department of Truth jargon, these thought forms are called “WILD FICTIONS”, and we are establishing a sort of taxonomy for three main types of Wild Fictions traveling the country. I let the director of the field office explain everything herself …

James Tynion IV launches Department Of Truth Wild Fictions on SubstackJames Tynion IV launches Department Of Truth Wild Fictions on Substack

And rather than comics, we’ll have comic book captions drawing some of these creatures for the Department of Truth files …

THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH: WILD FICTIONS will present records from the Department of Truth field office on the history of each of the “wild fictions” we explore, and some notes regarding times the field office interacted with these. monsters. And each folder will contain an original, original and never seen before illustration by one of Martin and my favorite artists, drawing your favorite cryptids. The case files are impeccably researched by Steve Foxe, editor of the Department of Truth. Ultimately, we’ll put all of those files and artwork together into one chic hardcover that will nestle beautifully alongside the inevitable DOT Deluxe hardcovers we bring into the world.

The first will be published on Tynion IV’s Substack on Friday, October 1, free for all, then the next will be reserved for subscribers, every two months, alternating with The Blue Book. What James Tynion IV will save for his OnlyFans account, I don’t know.

While these are all framed in the logic of the Department of Truth, our goal is to tell the real stories of how these stories began to spread around the world. So I think it serves as a perfect counterweight to the latest BLUE BOOK entries. Every Friday, paid subscribers will receive Cryptids or UFOs in your inbox. On Fridays, you can expect a dose of TRUE WEIRD.

And for those who stick to regular print comics.

I’m going to take the plunge and let you know about one of my favorites that won’t be in the first batch of case files… BECAUSE we are going to cover it in the pages of the DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH itself. Department of Truth # 15 is coming out in December, and it’s going to bring you a story that I’ve been dying to access for six months… We’re going to Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966 and 1967 to bring you the story of THE MOTHMAN. illustrators who work in the field today. It’s going to be an off the beaten track issue, telling an off the beaten track story. This is also going to be very important to the larger mythology of the Department of Truth.

Let’s take the solicitation for that out of the lot that we broadcast this morning on Bleeding Cool…


(F) James Tynion IV (A) David Romero (CA) Martin Simmonds
In 1967, the Department of Truth traveled to West Virginia and tried to create their own tulpa. Forty-six people died in the process. Fan-favorite illustrator DAVID ROMERO (Razorblades: The Horror Magazine) joins award-winning writer Eisner JAMES TYNION IV to reveal the true origin… of Mothman.
In Stores: Dec. 29 2021
List price: 3.99

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