Joker enters the Hellboy universe in fan art by artist Mike Mignola

Comic artist Mike Mignola has created Joker and Batman fan art, with artistic tones reminiscent of his Hellboy work from Dark Horse Comics.

The creator of the Hellboy universe, Mike Mignolashared incredible moments fan art featuring the Joker. The art combines the style of the paranormal investigator with DC’s iconic duo of heroes and villains. It’s strange and only gets better when the current colorist of Hellboy: Bones of the Giants joins the party.

Hellboy began publishing in 1994, although the title character had appeared the previous year in San Diego Comic Con Comic #2 and Next Men #21. Since then, it has spawned several miniseries and one-shots, including hellboy in hell, Hellboy and the BPRD, and several winter specials. The Dark Horse Comics series has also been adapted into several films.


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On Twitter, Mike Mignola shared Joker and Batman fan art, drawn in the style of Hellboy. Along with the major DC pair, it also includes a few skeleton figures, which are strongly reminiscent of the skeletons seen on some of the covers of various Hellboy comic books. The playing cards on the cover also recall visual elements from Hellboy blankets. The fun continued when colorist Chris O’Halloran colored the fan art piece. O’Halloran provided colors for Hellboy: Bones of the Giants, which began to appear in November last year.

Although this is fan art and not official art, it is incredibly interesting to see. Mike Mignola has writing credits for Batman, as well as other DC Comics series, in his long portfolio of works. Mignola worked on stories included in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #54and Batman: Gotham Knights #36and illustrated with many Batman covers, including the iconic Batman #428 blanket. He also worked on ghost stranger (1987) and Krypton World (1987). His Hellboy the work is incredibly remarkable, which makes this composition particularly interesting. Batman has occasionally dealt with the paranormal and the occult, but those elements of the DC Universe are also most often dealt with by members of Justice League Dark, like John Constantine.

Batman regularly deals with the horrors created and left behind by the Joker, but Hellboy is a great detective in his own right. He also faces nightmarish situations, which makes it fitting that this art mixes the best of both worlds. The only thing that would be better would be Mignola fan art that puts these two great detectives together in one image. Mignola’s art is haunting and O’Halloran’s colors provide incredible contrast. Fans of both Dark Horse Comics Hellboy and Batman from DC Comics and Joker are sure to love this new fan art mixing the best of by Mike Mignola styling in O’Halloran colors.

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Source: Chris O’Halloran, Mike Mignola

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