Joker is truly terrifying in the fan art of a collaborative comic book artist


Joe Palmer and Chris O’Halloran just collaborated on spooky Joker fan art! In art, the Joker is on a child’s bicycle.

October 2021 is a big month for DC Comics, Batman and Joker, especially for artists like Joe palmer and Chris O’Halloran. Not only are fans getting another DC FanDome, the current Batman comics are celebrating the “scary season” by bringing back Scarecrow. On top of that, Chris Samnee launched “Batober,” a 31-day challenge on the art of Batman. Joe Palmer and Chris O’Halloran seem to have at least part of this in mind when they collaborated on a new project based on the Clown Prince of Crime.

Because Joker is the embodiment of a joker, he allows artists like Palmer and O’Halloran to get creative. Joker is a sporadic, chaotic, fun, and scary character; he is perhaps the most destructive character in all fiction. At this point, nothing surprises longtime fans regarding the Harlequinn of Hate; Joker is always on the lookout for new punchlines. That said, he can still surprisingly complement the previous shots he has achieved. At this point, Joker can become the Emperor of the World or stop laughing for months. No one, maybe even Batman, understands how he comes up with his ideas.

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In Palmer and O’Halloran’s new collaboration, Joker rides a child’s bike. He has what appears to be a nuclear warhead, or rocket, strapped to his back. The most sinister thing about Palmer’s original black and white sketch is the face of the sinister clown. As usual, Joker stares into the public eye, with nothing but dark intentions on his mind. The colors, made by O’Halloran, give the room a final touch. The red “Ha-” stamped next to the purple, pink, white and green Joker creates an unsettling sense of fear among audiences.

Palmer and O’Halloran both included “for fun” in their descriptions. Joker simultaneously provides scary and fun moments in his best-written stories. This aspect of the character is best represented in Batman: Arkham Asylum. The player develops a relationship with Joker in this game and understands the environment in which Batman’s great rival spends most of his time. Although the games are a series, it is still possible to imagine Arkham Asylum standing all alone, like when he first went out. With that in mind, this is the only Arkham game that fits perfectly with the comics, especially the comic book series. Arkham Asylum: Living Hell.

With Joker’s versatile and creative personality, it’s likely that more art will be heading to DC fans, especially with DC FanDome. Joe Palmer and Chris O’Halloran both appear to be Joker fans. Maybe they will surprise the audience with more Joker art “for fun” in the future.

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