Justice League Fan Art Imagines A Snyder Knightmare Scene You’ll Never See

As audiences continue to ponder the future of the DC Extended Universe, new Justice League The fan art work imagines a scene from Zack Snyder’s Knightmare that will probably never be seen. Many DCEU fans are well aware of the controversy surrounding the 2017 blockbuster, Justice League, which eventually caused an uproar from Zack Snyder’s fervent fanbase and the subsequent release of the Snyder Cut, presenting the events of the film in a way that reflects the director’s original vision. The film was released on HBO Max in 2021 and followed Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, The Flash and a resurrected Superman as they fought Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons in an effort to protect Earth from overlord Darkseid.


The Knightmare concept, first revealed through footage in 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, occurs in an alternate future, in which Darkseid kills Lois Lane and Superman is taken under his control by the Anti-Life Equation. A rebellion led by Batman and made up of the remaining members of the Justice League and other unexpected allies, to fight Superman is ultimately defeated, but The Flash is able to use his powers to affect the timeline. With Zack Snyder’s Justice League teasing Darkseid’s return, many fans hoped that Knightmare would be a great narrative focus moving forward in the franchise.

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In a series of recent Instagram posts, artist Hasan Kazi imagines a tense Snyder Knightmare scene in new Justice League fan art. Creating multiple images of the possible storyline from 2021, the latest artwork features two more parts, along with the hashtag “#RestoreTheSnyderverse,one of which imagines a potential encounter between Batman and Superman, while the other features the rest of the allies planning to gather more forces to take on Darkseid. Check out the Knightmare fan art below:

Amid several new developments at Warner Bros. Discovery, loyal Zack Snyder fans may never get the Knightmare project they want, with the “Snyderverse” seemingly shelved, despite requests to continue it. Not only has the company turned its attention to Matt Reeves The Batmanbut he also announced the postponement of Aquaman 2 and takes care of the scrutiny of the flash film, two character-centric projects within the Justice League franchise. Now, with a new DC Films head in sight, many believe the DCEU should go in an entirely different direction for future films.

As the Zack Snyder fandom continues to show their support, and their Justice League The Director’s Cut campaign has proven successful before, the end of the “Snyderverse” is more than likely now. At this point, it seems increasingly unlikely that the DCEU will give them what they want, and an all-new start for the brand might just be the best move overall. Still, Knightmare Artwork Like This Shows Zack Snyder’s Endurance Justice League ideas, and that fans haven’t given up hope yet.

Source: Hasan Kazi/Instagram

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