Justice League India Was Born In Amazing DC Fan Art

In stunning new fan art, the world’s greatest heroes Justice League reinvent yourself as Justice League Mythic, a new Indian take on DC’s most popular superteam. On Reddit, artist Anurag Halder (u/artanurag) shared his take on the Justice League, with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman getting all-new Indian designs. The fan art imagines what the team might look like if they were rooted in Indian culture and traditions.


While the main Hall of Justice version of the Justice League is based in the United States, there are more versions of the team that are intentional. The Justice League of China features its own versions of familiar Justice League heroes, including Bat-Man, Super-Man, Wonder-Woman, and Dragonson (Aquaman). Avery Ho, Justice League China’s Flash, was a member of Justice League Incarnate, DC’s multiversal version of the team. DC had a Justice League Canada title before the Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone comic strip was renamed Justice League United. Now, unique new fan art from DC Comics imagines what a Justice League India could look like.

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On their Reddit account, artist Anurag Halder (u/artanurag) unveiled his fan art for Justice League Mythic, which features the Justice League of India. The incredible fan art reimagines Batman (in fantasy armor), Superman and the Justice League’s greatest heroes with new looks, costumes and weapons. Justice League India also introduces new female Shazam, Cyborg and Hawkwoman. Each look features design elements from Indian culture, as the heroes of Justice League Mythic are connected to their homeland. Check out the Justice League India gallery below.

When Anurag Halder was asked on Reddit if any of the heroes were specifically inspired by Indian mythology, the artist explained that wasn’t exactly the case. Halder said the heroes of Justice League India were “inspired by the legends and myths of the land”, but “nothing too direct”. Nonetheless, the unique super-team designs are fantastic as the talented artist has nailed a potential JL Indian super-team in the fan art.

Justice League India’s designs are stellar across the board, as they’re of a high enough quality that calling it fan art seems somewhat unfair – even though that’s what art technically is. Hopefully Halder’s work captures DC Comics’ attention because seeing the Justice League of India in action in a real-life story, even if it’s just a one-shot, would be a lot of fun. Plus, learning more about each hero and their roles in their Justice League is a story that begs to be explored further.

Source: Anurag Halder

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