Kanhaiya Kumar’s ‘Hope of India’ Fan Page to Change Name After Congress Change

With his decision to join Congress, former CPI leader and student activist Kanhaiya Kumar appears to have disappointed many of his supporters. A Kanhaiya Kumar- rune Facebook fan page under the name ‘Dr. Kanhaiya Kumar – Hope India “right after the news broke, issued a statement saying” The page no longer belongs to Kanhaiya Kumar … “In addition, the administrator also changed the ‘display image and said he will also change the page name very soon.

“This page no longer belonged (no longer belongs) to Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar. We will keep the page of the revolutionary youth of India. The name of the page will be changed soon. the statement on the page read.

Earlier today, CPI Secretary General Dr Raja criticized Kanhaiya Kumar for his “hypocrisy”. D Raja alleged that the leader left the ship because of “political ambitions”. He said, “Kanhaiya Kumar kicked out of my party. The CPI fought for a society without caste and without class. He must have personal ambitions and aspirations. It shows that he has no faith in communism and work. class ideology. “

Kanhaiya Kumar joins Congress

Kanhaiya Kumar joined Congress on Tuesday. In a subsequent press briefing, Kanhaiya called Congress a sinking ship and said, “I am joining Congress because it’s not just a party, it’s an idea. It is the oldest and most democratic party in the country, and I stress “democratic”. Not just me, many think this country cannot survive without Congress. ”

Before officially joining the Congress, Kanhaiya presented Rahul Gandhi with a photo frame with the photo of Mahatma Gandhi, BR Ambedkar and Bhagat Singh. “When we were filling out the Congress Party form in the presence of Rahul Gandhi, Jignesh offered him a copy of the constitution and I offered him a photo of Bhagat Singh, Mahatama Gandhi and BR Ambedkar. Because we think, today , this country needs Bhagat Singh’s bravery, Ambedkar’s idea of ​​equality and Mahatma Gandhi’s unity, ”Kanhaiya Kumar said.

A member of the CPI’s National Executive Council, Kumar lost to BJP candidate and Union Minister Giriraj Singh in the 2019 general election by a margin of 4,222,217 votes.

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