Kate Courtney has the best fan page

Athlete Fan Pages take many forms, but the one that recently started to honor Kate Courtney might be the best and funniest yet.

Kate is an Animal is an Instagram page devoted to scientific research to determine what species of animal the young American XCO World Champion belongs to. Each post is touted as the results of anonymous creators’ “research” and associates a photo of Courtney with various animals. The text is limited to the common name and a modified Latin name or “Kate-ifié”.

Among the many potential matches to date are Emperor Penguin (“Aptenokates forsteri”), Green Frog (Hyla katerea), Brown Bear (Ursus katos), Fig Beetle (deceased) (Katinis mutabilis), Great Shark white (Carcharodon katarias) and Harp seal (Pagophilus groenlandikate). Varying between expected top predators and more humorous posts makes Kate an entertaining animal even though the tale approaches 40 different species hypotheses.

Courtney’s longtime mechanic Brad Copeland has weighed in several times in the comments but denies being the mastermind behind the research. Even the world champion herself, who has a pretty good sense of humor on her own Instagram page, has started to get involved lately.

Of course, the tale is a play on the favorite phrase of sports commentators around the world to describe a particularly tough running effort, “… is an animal!” Red Bull live commentator Rob Werner particularly likes the phrase and has used it to describe the American and other riders on several occasions during the 2018 World Cup season. At no point did Werner go. did not specify which species.

For a behind-the-scenes look at Kate Courtney’s first season in the elite category, culminating with her victory at the 2018 World Championships, watch the full series of The Fast Life. The popular Red Bull online series from the second season stars Courtney and Canadian downhill racer Finn Iles.

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