Laudna and Pâté’s Critical Role Depicted in Weird-Worthy Fan Art

Marisha Ray’s Laudna in Campaign 3 stood out in a cast of extraordinary characters, and this fan art captures her unique aesthetic appeal.

A captured creature critical role Laudna and the Pâté puppet-pet from Campaign 3 with weird yet weirdly adorable fan art.

Twitter user Cael (@kingcael) posted the fan art to his account with the simple title “living dead girl”. It depicts Laudna in incredible detail, artistically posed with her head and torso tilted to the side as she gazes at the viewer with a sweet expression. Her dark dress, sashes, red thread and scissors are also captured, with the cord wrapped around her clawed fingers. Also present is her faithful companion Pâté, a puppet she built with a rat carcass and a bird skull. The full image can be seen below.

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Pate’s presence is refreshing to see in the fan art, as if he’s decidedly completely dead – unlike his owner, who’s only mostly dead – Laudna’s puppeteering skills and imagination have made it almost another party member. Cael noted in another post that he was particularly pleased with Pâté’s release. The oddly grinning skull adds a delightful note to the otherwise spooky concept, reflecting Laudna’s personality well.

Laudna is a witch/human witch/Hollow One played by Marisha Ray. A member of the Bell’s Hells, Laudna exhibits a particularly optimistic and friendly nature that stands out from other members of the party, despite her inherently dark aesthetic. This bubbly attitude contrasts with Laudna’s depressing bond with Whitestone, which saw her killed by the Briarwoods and hanged at the Suntree as a warning to Vox Machina. Mysteriously reanimated, Laudna survived the next three decades hiding in cabins with her fellow Paté until she finally encountered Imogen, now a member of Bell’s Hells.

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Unwittingly or not, Laudna’s dark persona resembles some classic myths, like the obscure holiday legend Madame Big Fingers. Although her outward appearance can be twisted, Laudna only attacks those who are cruel or attack others, protecting those in need and punishing wrongdoers. This creates an interesting dichotomy, as Laudna’s warlock patron is none other than Lady Delilah Briarwood, one of the villains in Campaign 1 of critical role and the main antagonist of The Legend of Vox Machina.

Campaign 3 is currently on hiatus while critical role broadcasts the long-awaited backstory to The Calamity, a historic event in the series setting that dramatically transformed the world. The final episode of the four-part series airs Thursday and would have been six and a half hours long.

Source: Twitter

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