Leadstar launches my betting sites in Ireland

Image source: Shutterstock.com (photo by gmstockstudio)

Leadstar Media, a subsidiary of iGaming, has released its latest digital asset, the sports betting comparison website “My Betting Sites”. The website debuted in Ireland and this is the tenth market where the company’s product is now available. Other markets for “My Betting Sites” include Kenya, UK, Canada, Ghana, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

Leadstar brings “My Betting Sites” to a new jurisdiction

The asset provides players with a comparison of sportsbooks that they can refer to and focuses on the available payment options as well as the verification process needed to register and be accepted at each sportsbook. “My Betting Sites” hopes to continue the company’s global growth strategy and the service’s own success.

Commenting on the launch, Leadstar Product Director Jacob Ljunggren said the team expected big things from the brand in Ireland. He teased some of the features that local punters and sports fans should look forward to and said:

We’ve been following the online gambling industry in Ireland for some time and now we’re active, we look forward to becoming the go-to source for reviewing and comparing the best licensed Irish online bookmakers.

Ljunggren noted that “My Betting Sites” has already had success in other jurisdictions and in some of the most competitive markets. He added that Leadstar is committed to making the game entertaining, fun and above all safe. Leadstar’s mission, Ljunggren concluded, was to educate users and stay compliant with applicable regulations.

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