Lex Luthor Fan Art Poster Features Bryan Cranston as DC’s Supervillain


There’s no doubt Bryan Cranston would do a phenomenal job playing Lex Luthor in a movie, and a new fan-made poster teases the potential cast. Since the immense success of 2019 Joker, a standalone movie that serves as the origin story for Batman’s nemesis, fans wondered what other villains could get their own movies. As one of Superman’s greatest enemies, Lex Luthor seems like an obvious choice, but as was the case with Joker, it could only work with an actor strong enough to be successful.

Artist Bryan zapp supports the idea of ​​making Cranston the supervillain. He created a poster for the nonexistent film Luthor, and while that only gives us a glimpse of Lex’s bald head and costume, it’s really not hard to imagine Cranston in the role. The work seems to be inspired by Joker, and that certainly makes sense because the Clown Prince of Crime is to Batman what Lex Luthor is to Superman. If we’re talking about the most well-known DC supervillains, Joker and Lex are both at the top.



A handful of actors have played live-action incarnations of Lex Luthor over the years. He was played by Gene Hackman in the original Superman films with Christopher Reeve. Most recently, Jesse Eisenberg played the DCEU version of Lex, appearing in the crossover movies. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. While Lex’s future on the big screen is uncertain, Eisenberg has said he’s ready to reprise the role if given the chance.

“You know, I have a background in the theater where you play a play 200 times and you just feel like you just understand the last performance,” Eisenberg said in September. “I would love to play any character again. After a movie ends, the actors usually turn to each other and say, ‘Oh, now I finally know what I’m doing and I understand. what is my goal. [was]. ‘ Actors, in my experience, like to play roles again, but this one just isn’t up to me. I’m sure I could do a one-man show somewhere but nobody would, you know … ”

On the small screen, Two and a half men Star Jon Cryer wowed viewers with his own portrayal of Lex Luther on the CW’s Arrowverse. After debuting on Super girl, who has since finished his run, Cryer also spoke about how much he wanted to keep playing the supervillain. Cryer previously played Lex’s nephew Lenny in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace alongside Lex Luthor from Hackman.

As for Bryan Cranston, the acclaimed actor is attached to several upcoming films including Jerry and Marge are going big, City of asteroids, and Argylle. It was also announced that Showtime has renewed the Cranston series Your Honor for a second season. The series, which was originally intended to be a limited series, has been Cranston’s first leading TV role since breaking Bad. Hopefully his name will also be in contention if the Lex Luthor film gets the nod from Warner Bros.

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