Lil Nas X Joins Anti-Fan Page, Fans Join For Hilarious Results

Fans joined the Facebook group alongside the “Old Town Road” artist and chaos spread with funny posts.

Lil Nas X posing

Montero Hill, known worldwide as Lil Nas X, has been a hot topic throughout the month of April due to his song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and his steamy music video but controversial. He also managed to become a marketing genius with promoting his bespoke Nike Air shoes, known as Satan Shoes, despite a lawsuit against MSCHF. Montero has a huge social media presence and interacts as much as possible with his dedicated fans, even opening up to personal stuff.

Sadly, there will be people who aren’t fans of Montero, and that comes with some homophobic people and parents doing a bad job watching their kids when the clip first broke. Despite this, Montero still has a mischievous mind and decided to join a public Facebook group called “Stop 🛑 lil nas x”. Fans joined the Facebook group alongside the “Old Town Road” artist and chaos spread with funny posts.


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Fans have already taken to the Facebook page and started posting memes and posts praising Montero. From using emojis to recreate Montero descending on a pole to meet Satan, to telling people to praise him or not to disrespect him, the amount of fun to troll for an anti-Lil Nas X group is honestly entertaining and hilarious.

Twitter fans also joined the Facebook group or munch on popcorn, enjoying the spectacle of the responses. For a Sunday morning, they scream at the trolling in which fans have participated thanks to the fact that Montero has just accidentally joined a Facebook group.

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What really made most Montero fans laugh was the last photo he featured on his Twitter post. The image in question has wearing him an army uniform, which prompted fans to call him a veteran. It has since become a viral meme and elicited thousands upon thousands of funny responses from fans.

It shows that every time someone leads an anti-Lil Nas X group and is discovered by Montero himself, there will be a lot of crazy trolls with an army of fans to back him up. Don’t mess with Montero and his demons, otherwise there will be tons of hysterical issues.

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