Liverpool ‘fan’ page attacks Loris Karius, Dejan Lovren responds brilliantly

Dejan Lovren has joined Mohamed Salah in supporting his under-fire Liverpool teammate Loris Karius.

A Liverpool ‘fan’ page titled ‘anfieldclub._’ mocked Karius over his pre-season mistakes.

The Instagram account posted the following message, while tagging the pair of Liverpool goalkeepers, along with a video of Karius’ mistake.

“Thank goodness we have Alisson Becker. It’s becoming a regular thing for Loris Karius. I seriously believe we should sell him because even as a substitute he’s just full of mistakes. I don’t care what anyone one says but he is not worthy to wear the LFC shirt.

“And that’s for all the mistakes he makes in general for those who think I just kill him for that…”

Lovren spotted the post and left a scathing comment.

Picture: Instagram

Nice show of support, Dejan.

He’s not the only player to defend Karius.

Salah also shared a positive message.

“Stay strong Karius, it’s happened to the best players. Ignore the haters.”

Not to mention the legendary Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas who defended his teammate by posting a heartfelt message on Twitter.

“Will this attack on Loris Karius ever end? I talk about him like so many other goalkeepers. There are a lot more serious problems in the f*** world! Leave the Kid alone! It’ is also a person. As we all are!”

Moreover, he also uploaded a video of his goalkeeping misadventures with the legend; “Behind each of us there is a person. Raise your hand who has never failed. Learning from our mistakes will make us stronger and accept them more human.”

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