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BTS could have been the ambassadors of Baskin Robbins yet Magnum ice cream is an emissary of BTS, specifically Jimin!

From left to right: BTS’s Jin, RM, V, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, and J-Hope. | Baskin Robbins Korea

The Belgian ice cream model simply simped for Jimin on Twitter. More recently, Magnum Ice Cream’s social media manager tweeted that one of Jimin’s current appearances at AUTHORIZATION TO DANCE ON STAGE in Las Vegas gave Magnum Paradiso, one of the crucial distinctive flavors.

The post gave a lot of “BTS as Ice Cream Flavors: A Thread.”

The only thing funnier was the responses…

A Jimin-biased ARMY even (jokingly) threatened to microwave the ice cream, telling the model to “get in line.”

Still, this might not be the first time Magnum Ice Cream has compared Jimin to one of its flavors. Previously, this iconic pink look was designed to resemble the Magnum Ruby taste.

In 2021, Magnum Ice Cream even inspired ARMYs to fill in the clean, asking what Jimin might taste like. Now he asks his personal request!

Magnum Ice Cream is truly a low-key BTS stan account. Like all of us, he was crazy about The 2022 GRAMMYs.

He even got in the Chipotle rebrandingdue to Jungkook.

However, it is clear that Magnum Ice Cream has a bias, and it is undoubtedly Jimin!

The ice cream model was caught simping for Jimin not so soon…

…not twice…

… not even 3 times! As Magnum stated, “Loving Jimin isn’t a choice, it’s a way of life!” So he usually tweets about her.

In 2021, Magnum Ice Cream first revealed their bias of being Jimin after an ARMY posted a thread of the idol due to the model’s ice cream flavors.

Since then, Magnum Ice Cream has become more than just a model account, but a fan page dedicated to Jimin.

He too wonders when his OST for K-Drama Our blues will fall.

Magnum Ice Cream can also be an AF loyal to Jimin! No one comes between them.

Magnum Ice Cream even got involved in “online fights” with different verified accounts on Jimin.

Magnum Ice Cream’s Twitter account is actually run by an ARMY because they’ve reworked it into a fan web page devoted to Jimin’s bias! We like to see it.

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