Makena Njeri fan page shows some love to Michelle Ntalami

Makena Njeri and Michelle Ntalami.

Just days after Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami revealed she had broken up with her lover, a new development has left netizens wondering what exactly is going on.

Via an Instagram post on Thursday, Ntalami shared a stunning photo and captioned it “irreplaceable.”

An account with the username @makenanjeri_movement, believed to be Makena Njeri’s fan page, took to the comments section to praise Ntalami calling her a “queen”. It has long been said that the two are an element.

“Always Queening Mrembo,” @makenanjeri_movement commented.

Ntalami replied, “@makenanjeri_movement Still fam!”

These recent activities on their Instagram accounts have left Internet users perplexed.

aki lakini if ​​apa we lost with 1 million others… lakini ata siongei juu sasa aidhuru navile nliurumia watu” @wamboiedith shared.

It comes just a day after Ntalami released a statement claiming that Chiki Kuruka was not one of the people she was referring to in her 3-part open letter series titled ‘Open Letter of Truth’. In the statement, Ntalami added that what she is going through has nothing to do with the people who were involved with her partner.

“I want to be very clear and clear on the Chiki name of the two people I referred to in my open letter. Neither is her. Moreover, the hurt caused has less to do with who the two are and more with “them” and me. Ultimately, the decision to be faithful will always come down to these two people in the relationship. That said, keep shining your @chikikuruka light! As a colleague, I see and love what you do for the company and the community! I will always be here in truth and in spirit,” Michelle wrote.

For her part, Chiki expressed her disappointment stating that she had never had a relationship with a non-binary person or a woman.

“Instead, I have always given my support to a community that I love and respect very much. But this plea is starting to irritate me, not because my in-laws have to answer this BS but because humans like you block their allies from speaking,” she wrote in part.

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