Mario Kart Blender fan art animation has plenty of Ghost Valley humor

There’s no shortage of Mario Kart fan art, with many rallying around Rainbow Road, red-shell regrets, and struggling to figure out how to reverse. But sometimes a fan creation comes along and isn’t quite as good as it looks. It will leave us a bit frustrated when our creativity is not an issue.

Over the weekend, while looking at this Mario Kart Blender fan art on Reddit, we realized we had to do a double take. The animation itself is a short Mario loop along a quiet road and, instead of being a typical minimalist, you can change the pace, under the bright light of streetlights and twinkling stars. All of this is backed by music from popular synthesizer artist HOME, who you may recognize from watching Summoning Salts’ fantastic documentaries.

As you’d expect from a Blender animation, it’s one of the most powerful creative tools for modern artists, although having Mario driving on the sand of the road was best in the evening. Like his black card, he can also hear the lovely synthwave sounds of HOME, as with every eutrofa a little colorful cat floats from the red cap.

This Mario fan art certainly beats another recent attempt. This time, the idea of ​​an AI has been used to recreate what Mario Odyssey 2 might look like. You can argue that this Blender beauty is a dark metric equivalent, but never mind how good that experience is. And it doesn’t matter, and we’re still digging into what came out of that horrible experience to find out how much humanity still exists.

That’s all you need to know about the Mario Kart Blender fan art that caught our eye while browsing the red-cap Goomba killer’s Reddit pages. For some old-school titles featuring the legendary Jumpman, check out our full list of N64 games for Nintendo Switch.

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