Neat Fan Art Combines Overwatch’s Genji With Viewtiful Joe

The Viewtiful Joe series has been dormant for some time, but that hasn’t stopped one fan from creating cross-art between it and Overwatch.


Just because there was no Joe the spectator playing for over 15 years doesn’t mean fans have completely forgotten about the franchise. While it might not be as popular as it used to be due to the lack of versions, fans are still creating art and other projects around the games like this cross between the series and Monitoring.

Posted on the r / Overwatch subreddit by Reddit user u / rererenore_ow, the image combines Joe with MonitoringIt’s Genji to good use, making it a crossover that should have been in the works years ago. The image has Genji posed in one of Joe’s iconic action positions that has been seen on various marketing materials for the short-lived classic Capcom franchise.

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Genji himself is not in his standard outfit in fanart but instead wears the sentai skin that was made available to players in 2017. The skin has often been compared to different Power Rangers, especially the Green Ranger in depending on its color, but it really sticks with Joe the spectatorcharacter’s design, particularly due to the fact that both outfits have a large protruding “V” extending from their helmets from the character’s visors.

Commentators on the original post ask Joe the spectator to return in one form or another, whether through official console and PC remasters or through a reboot / sequel to the original series. Commentators also point out that the kanji behind the image translates to “transformation,” which is a line Genji sometimes says as the skin is fitted and Viewtiful Joe also said the line.

Recently, Monitoring Fans have discovered that the next Blizzcon scheduled for February has been canceled until further notice, as Blizzard continues to be investigated in the lawsuit that alleges the company is mistreating its employees. While it is certainly disappointing for fans anticipating the convention, the general response to the cancellation has been positive as the actions put forward in the lawsuit have made many fans reconsider their relationship with the company and are happy to hear that ‘she devotes the resources she would devote have spent on Blizzcon to “support [its] team.”

In connection with the trial, Monitoring also announced that fan favorite character McCree has been renamed Cole Cassidy following the exit of Jesse McCree, one of the Blizzard employees who contributed to the hostile work environment that had formed in the company. There’s still a lot going on when it comes to the lawsuit as well as the way the company is handling things with their fans, but it’s nice to see that they are working on making token gestures to rebuild trust with their community.

Monitoring is now available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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