Neat Overwatch fan art shows Sigma in Stardew Valley art style

A fan is giving Sigma, a Tank-class character from Overwatch, a new look by reimagining what he might look like in the Stardew Valley art style.

Neat Overwatch fan art shows Sigma in Stardew Valley art style

Although Monitoring Been around for over half a decade now, it continues to have a large following of dedicated fans who regularly tune in to play competitive matches. One of the game’s strengths is its diverse cast of heroes. Since the release of the 6v6 team-based shooter in 2016, the number of playable characters has increased to 32. Among those characters that have been added since release is Sigma.

Introduced to Monitoring as of August 2019, Sigma is a Tank class character. Using his abilities to deploy shields and manipulate gravity, he can often be an asset to a team. Along with having a powerful moveset, he has a distinct look. Recently, a player tried to reimagine what this character might look like based on Stardew Valley.


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In a post on Reddit, a user known as Em1liath shared a photo of a unique gaming crossover he created between Monitoring and Stardew Valley. Specifically, the Reddit user decided to draw Sigma in the art style of a villager from the farming simulator. While it might not be the first crossover that comes to most gamers’ minds, it’s still impressive nonetheless. In the artwork, the creator created a pixel art image of Sigma that still managed to capture many of its distinct characteristics. Additionally, the image included a wooden frame with a label underneath that read “Sigma”.

Remarkably, this is not the only impressive Monitoring crossover work that Em1liath has done over the past two weeks. In addition, the artist has drawings of characters such as Brigitte, Torbjorn and Baptiste. Like the Sigma image, these pieces of fan art give the heroes a new look while keeping them recognizable to fans.

Since posting this illustration of Sigma on Reddit, it has caught the attention of many Monitoring players. With over 1,700 upvotes in just a few days, many loved the tank’s new art style. Among the comments, some joked that Sigma’s forehead appeared to have a crease that made it look like he was smiling. “Hahaha! I didn’t even notice,” Em1liath said. Additionally, several said they were thrilled to see the artist attempt to draw even more of the game’s characters in this pixel art style. heroes of that style would be so cute,” DILEMMA–DILEMMA posted on Reddit.

Although it may be difficult to do better Monitoring photo of Sigma, it’s far from the only fan art featuring the tank. For example, another player recently created a concept image imagining what Sigma might look like in his retirement years. As gamers continue to wait for more news on Monitor 2it will be interesting to see what the artwork fans do based on the original Monitoring in the coming days.

Monitoring is available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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