Need Money Now? 5 Places To Look For Extra Cash

Have you emptied your piggy bank to buy gifts for the holiday season ways to get money? Maybe you wish you could have a bit of money to purchase something unique. Making a side-job might not be a viable option in your situation, as it will take time to earn your first pay check.

Instead, consider looking into these five sources for additional cash. If you have money ready and waiting to be used or you need to take some steps to get this, you have a high possibility that you’ll make a few dollars to spend on the next purchase.

1. Cash Pay Your Credit Card Points

If you’re a holder of an account with a travel credit card, the redemption of credit card points for travel typically will give you the best value for your money. For instance, if, for example, you own an account with the Chase Sapphire Reserve, one point you earn from spending is worth one cent when you redeem it for cash , but 1.5 cents for travel when booked via Travel with the Ultimate Rewards travel portal.

However, with Covid-19 variants popping up that you’ll probably care less about the trip you may be able to enjoy this summer than to have more cash this month even if that means that you redeem your points to less.

It can be a bit tricky according to the kind of credit card are using, but the most important most important thing to keep in mind is there’s a great possibility that your rewards card has an option to redeem that could aid your current situation.

If, for instance, you have the credit card which offers the possibility of cash-back percentages on each purchase and you want to redeem these earnings could be to use the cash as an account credit on your statement or direct deposit. You can also get sending a check in your cash you’ve earned.

If you’re a member of an rewards card that allows you to redeem points for a range of rewards, from gift cards to travel and cash-back rewards, think about the options that provide the most value for your current needs.

In general cash back rewards are one of the best rewards as you are able to apply it towards purchases you want, however, you could also make it an account credit for the purchase.

2. Check Your Cash Back App Balances

If you’re using cash-back shopping apps such as Rakuten, Ibotta, or Dosh you should review the balance of your earnings. Apps that pay you when you shop at specific stores or purchasing certain items generally have a threshold of either $15 or $20 before you’re able to “cash-out” your earned earnings.

If you’ve reached the minimum amount of accrual and you’ve met the minimum accrual amount, then request your money via PayPal and direct deposits and you’ll receive it in several days. If you’re part of the program that sends checks in old-fashioned envelopes, make sure that you’ve cashed the latest check instead of leaving it in an unfinished pile.

3. Search for unclaimed funds

Do you realize that each state has a database of funds that are not claimed and belong to you? The funds could be a result of security deposits, refunds, or final pay checks that can’t be handed over to you due to different reasons. This money is held for a time before being handed over to the state where it is then your responsibility to find it and then claim it.

Our guide for unclaimed funds will help you look for cash that is not in circulation within the state. It only takes few minutes to make an application, and it is as simple as filling out a couple of forms and identification proof. Be sure to verify any states where you’ve previously lived and also.

One caveat to this suggestion: It might take a couple of weeks before you get your funds back physically.

4. Empty Your Peer-to-Peer Payment Account

When was the last time you assessed how much cash you have on the account of Venmo, CashApp or PayPal account? These peer-to-peer payment applications keep any money that was given to you by family and friends or familymembers, which makes it easier to later transfer some of your money to another person. It’s up to you determine when to transfer your balance into an account at your banks.

The advantages are twofold. The first is that you can use money from your bank account to access more accounts for debit transactions or to pay off bills. A typical Venmo payment in 2018 was $60, which is money, especially when you’ve got it sitting in your account!

It’s also more secure to store the funds in a bank account with a credit union. Peer-to-peer networks are hotspots for hackers and scammers.

Payment platforms claim to provide solid security, and some provide the pass-through FDIC protection for your balance, which means that the platform collaborates with banks to keep your money, ensuring that you’ll get the same protection to safeguard your cash than you get from a traditional bank account in the event that the bank is insolvent.

But you’ll be able to be able to keep track of these money in your savings or checking account.

5. Verify the Balances on unused Gift Cards.

Credit for stores isn’t as effective as cash, however it can help fill in the gaps within your budget. If, for instance, you have a gift card from the grocery, drug and convenience shop, you could make use of the balance immediately. This could help you free money from your grocery and important expenses budget to pay for other expenses.

A thing to look out for when purchasing gift cards If you’ve not used a gift card for more than a year, the business that issued the card can begin deducting fees from the balance. And they are able to do it each month.

So , if you thought of keeping the gift card to mark an event, you might need to reconsider that idea and adopt an “no moment like the present” attitude. If you do not, you might be left with less than the amount you originally received.

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