New Fan Art Is Best DC Flash Cover Ever Released


Illustrator Drew Moss’s new art is so good it’s on a list of the best Flash covers … or it would be, if DC had published it.

Whether Barry Allen or Wally West is wearing the costume, the SparkleIt’s filled with some of comic book’s most iconic covers, from Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson’s endless tribute. “Flash of two worlds!” Art to Brian Bolland’s trippy masterpiece series. But even the biggest Flash fan hasn’t seen it all, especially when it comes to top-tier fan art.

The Flash is ideally placed to inspire amazing art. Character built on the principle of dizzying speed, the powers of Flash allow him to travel the multiverse vibrating in synchronization with other realities. No other character has such immediate access to different time periods and alien worlds, while being beset by villains like Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, and Captain Cold, who are able to conjure up every perspective an artist wishes to tackle next. .

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New comic illustrator art Drawn foam, shared on Twitter, focuses on Flash itself. Using only two colors, the Scarlet Speedster is pictured with energy and the promise of movement to come. An artist who has worked with Oni Press, IDW, Image Comics and Dark Horse on projects like Terrible Lizard, The Colonized, Copper head, and Sinister, Moss also sells character portraits of pop culture figures, including Marvel and DC superheroes, as well as mash-up art like a recent one. Ghost Rider / Buzz Lightyear crossing.

Moss’s art is reminiscent of the work of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, with the emphasis on the vivid and insistent colors seen on the cover of Flash vol. 4 # 22, but with a composition similar to Flash vol. 4 # 1. With an almost evil expression, Flash’s yellow eyes indicate that the rippling energy is coming from within him, imparting the power of his connection to the Speed ​​Force. Flash is not only fast, but connected to an extra-dimensional energy source that alters its relationship to the vibrational planes that make up reality. This allows the aforementioned ability to travel through time and between dimensions, but also to traverse solid matter and generate an “infinite mass punch” capable of matching or even surpassing Superman’s strength. Recently researched by Darkseid for its potential to shatter the multiverse itself, The Flash is an unrivaled dynamo – a fact that is conveyed both in Moss’s art and in any DC cover that has yet to be printed.

Flash covers

Representing otherworldly abilities is an impressive feat, but doing it with just two colors is especially commendable. Moss’ Flash crackles with both energy and determination, winning comparisons to modern comedian Jorge Jimenez from fans on Twitter. It’s clear that both in DC and in fan art, SparkleThe era of amazing covers is not over yet, as Fastest Man Alive continues to inspire experimentation and excellence.

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Source: Drawn foam

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