New X-Men Leaders Kiss In Iconic Mystique & Destiny Art

Talented artist Tesslyn unveils a stunning portrait of Mystique and Destiny, whose powerful queer love is at the forefront of the X-Men’s future.

One of the most legendary love stories in all of Marvel comics has been hidden away for decades, but x-menit is Krakoan Era has finally allowed Mystical and Fate be open and proud of their iconic marriage, which has been honored in a stunning new piece of fan art by artist Tesslyn (@artbytesslyn) just in time for Pride Month. Mystique and Destiny’s epic love has been talked about since their debut, but it wasn’t until 2019 that their romantic relationship became official canon in the pages of Marvel comics.

Destiny, or Irene Adler, is an extremely powerful precognitive who was recently resurrected in Krakoa after dying 30 years ago at the hands of the Legion during the “Muir Island Saga”, but only after his wife had upset mutant society to do so. Mystique, the shapeshifter also known as Raven Darkholme, is a longtime X-Men villain and recent ally. Now, his destined relationship with Irene is finally at the forefront of the Krakoan era due to the latest “Destiny of X” era.


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Mystique and Destiny were born before 1900 and first fell in love in the early 1900s when Mystique posed as a detective who partnered with Destiny. Destiny is often seen wearing a unique golden mask hiding her face, which was often used to hide her true age in previous comics. However, when she was resurrected by the Five during Hellshe was brought back to the same age she was when she first met Raven, and since Raven does not age, they can now live together forever, as long as mutant immortality remains present. Tesslyn, who also updates her “Facing the Sun” webtoon weekly, posted a truly gorgeous portrait on Twitter of Irene and Raven in a loving embrace. Subtitle “wives wives wives wives” highlighting the canonical legitimacy brought to this iconic lesbian couple with Mystique hurlant”I want my wife back!” in 2019 X-Men #6, Tesslyn also used the hashtag “#immortalmen” highlighting the impact this series had on the couple’s future trajectory.

Immortal X-Men is a new series from Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, and Michele Bandini that delves into the past, present, and future of various members of the Quiet Council, and has already given readers more stories about the love affair of Mystique and Destiny than ever before. What makes Irene and Raven’s relationship so perfect for Pride Month is because it’s so representative of how the media has treated same-sex relationships for decades, constantly pushing them into the shadows. and making them subtextual – a fate that the relationship between Mystique and Destiny has survived and overcome.

The “Destiny of X” era refocuses Destiny as an incredibly important part of mutant culture and its future, and it also puts the focus back on their mutant “family” – Raven’s biological son Nightcrawler and daughter adoptive of both women, Snape. Tesslyn’s beautiful portrait is an incredible way to honor the intense love Mystique and Destiny have for each other, a love that has lasted generations, beyond death and destruction, until until they meet again. Irene and Raven fan art portrait of @artbytesslyn proves that Mystical and Fate are one of x-menthe most iconic couples of all time, embodying a legendary queer romance that has survived over a century.

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Source: @artbytesslyn

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