Official Apex Legends comics under fire for drawing fan art

The official Apex Legends comics from Dark Horse Comics have come from fans for seemingly tracing fan art and incorporating it into graphic novels without any credit whatsoever.

Since Apex Legends launched in February 2019, the community has been teeming with creative ideas, fan art, cosplays, and whatever else you can think of.

The battle royale has also extended far beyond the virtual world, with action figures and comics designed to bring more knowledge to the deeply diverse cast of characters.

However, Dark Horse Comics – the company behind the official Apex Legends comic book series – has come under fire for apparently taking some of the best fan art in the world and simply tracing it back in their work.

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The diverse world of Apex has inspired many fan creations.

On October 3, Twitter user Nessepack highlighted a 2019 Octane fan artwork that bears a striking resemblance to the upcoming comic book release – Apex Legends Overtime 3.

“Dark Horse is starting over with plotting stock poses AND fanarts,” they tweeted, and it didn’t take long for other fans to join the pile, noting that in other releases, Octane looked buff than its usual in-game look and there has apparently been Wraith and Pathfinder fan art used as well.

“Dude, they even just tracked Wattson. This is the comic book that we get, and we have to PAY for it ?! “said another fan.” They-plot-fanarts. Someone else’s effort, love for the franchise from someone else. I know it’s not Respawn’s fault but… something needs to be done !? ” another asked.

Tom Casiello, a former Respawn writer for Apex Legends, also shared his own seemingly dismayed response.

“Sigh. It’s almost over,” he posted.

At the time of writing, neither Respawn nor Dark Horse have addressed the backlash, and the next installment in the comic book series is slated to launch on October 6.

It remains to be seen if anything changes in the future.

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