One Piece’s Devil Fruits become Jojo’s stands in incredible new fan art

One Piece’s Devil Fruits come to life in the form of incredible booths from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in crossover fan art that reimagines the fruits of Paramecia.

The Devil Fruits of A play have been completely redesigned as incredible Stands in a new fan art that examines how Paramecia-like users would behave as booth users in the world of Jojo’s bizarre adventure.

Devil fruits are an essential part of A playsystem that hold unique attributes transferable to those who consume them. During this process, a devil fruit can completely change a person’s lineage factor (or DNA) and grant them special abilities based on the name of their devil fruit. There are three types of Devil Fruits: Zoan – an animal hybrid power, Logia – the power over the elements, and Paramecia, the control of natural matter. Paramecia devil fruits are the most common of the three; however, all Devil Fruit foregoes a user’s ability to swim and other limitations depending on their ability. Additionally, the powers of the Devil Fruits have a similar level of ranged attacks to Stands in terms of combat range, which begs the question of what would happen if these supernatural fruits manifested in the Jojo world?


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Artist @ K164 brought this idea to life in an original work of art that recreates Paramecia Devil Fruit and Logia Devil Fruit as humanoid supports. Boa Hancock’s Love-Love Devil Fruit is now a thin pink stand with hearts and arrows representing the fruit’s ability to turn those who covet it into stone. Mochi Mochi Fruit, a combination of dough and ice cream, is inspired by the Weather Report Stand by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6 and fashion tips from Yoshikage Kira’s Stand Killer Queen. The flower-flower devil fruit stand mirrors Giorno’s golden wind stand as both powers take or reflect nature. Finally, the Devil Fruit Stand String-String not only shares similar string capacity as Jolyne’s Stone Free Stand, but both are stylish sunglasses.

Crocodile’s Sand-Sand Devil Fruit is a Logia type fruit that controls sand; however, his new stand looks like jojo part 3 Hold Anubus after the Egyptian god of the dead. When it comes to combat techniques, the abilities of Paramecia users are diverse, so ranged attacks are dependent on the strengths and weaknesses of Devil Fruit. The same can be said for stalls, making devil fruit easily transferable as power systems share similar attributes. For example, Doflamingo String-String Powers Grant him sharp strings that are only as tall as his creativity due to devil fruit flexibility in both short and long range attacks. Jolyne’s Stone Free Stand is also a sturdy and versatile stand that allows her to be more creative in battles and stealth with the ability to untangle her body in strings.

Just like the stalls, devil fruits also go through their awakening process. Stands can manifest new abilities based on a user’s growth or by hitting a stand with the arrowhead. Likewise, Devil Fruits have an awakening process granting new powers, something Katakuri and Doflamingo already master. All in all, the power of Devil Fruits and Stands could easily exist in the worlds of A play Where Jojo’s bizarre adventure; however, imagining Devil Fruits as full of personality Stands is what makes fan art so enjoyable.

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Source: @ K164

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