Overwatch Fan Art puts Reaper and D.Va in a squid game

Taking inspiration from the popular Netflix show, an Overwatch fan creates illustrations of Reaper and D.Va in Squid Game.

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With Squid game Remaining one of Netflix’s most popular shows today, audiences around the world have been inspired by its aesthetic, creating everything from memes to original artwork. This is the case of a Monitoring fan, who has placed two of the characters from the game in costumes from the series. While it just seems intended to be a fun way to include two popular characters from Monitoring in the world of the TV series, this would also work as an inspiration for future skins.

The chances of having Squid game-inspire anything inside Monitoring sucks, it’s still fun to think about it. The artwork depicts Reaper as one of the workers, dressed in pink like coveralls from the show. He even wears one of the workers’ masks – in this case, one with a triangle on it. D.Va is also part of the fan art, dressed as one of the players. The costumes in the series are pretty basic and not overdone like most of the shooter heroes, so if at all, these would probably just be epic skins.

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While these skins aren’t of legendary quality, other fan art concepts certainly do. A recent Aztec Sombra skin concept was shared by a Monitoring fan that would be an absolutely awesome addition to the character’s available cosmetics. It wouldn’t necessarily fit into one of the current seasonal event themes, but Blizzard could do it somewhere – the design is worth it.

One of the game’s seasonal events is currently underway and it contains a lot of fresh cosmetics. With nothing new in the ways of actual playable content, what players have to look forward to the most are the skins. This year, Halloween Terror brings eight new skins, three of which are earned through weekly challenges. The rest are legendary skins for Bastion, Brigitte, Echo, Lucio, and Reinhardt.

As it’s the same old as this year’s event, players had to find their own ways to spice things up. A Monitoring fan found a trick using Moira’s Halloween Terror emote. Her new “Boo” emote, which sees her pull away from the camera and then back away with a fear of the jump, allows players to do a super jump. It won’t do him much good outside of the training area, however, as he uses the in-game training bots.

It is suspected that the lack of new content is due to the fact that Blizzard has held back until the release of the sequel, which seeks to shake up the game in interesting ways. The latest rumor is that Monitoring 2 could be dropping loot boxes. This could mean less RNG and more direct purchases for cosmetics by taking a page of Fortnite. If this turns out to be the case, organize crossover events with shows like Squid game wouldn’t be too far-fetched since the popular battle royale title does this on a regular basis.

Monitoring is now available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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