Page Merger Makes MyrtleBeachSC News Largest Media Fan Page in Myrtle Beach DMA MyrtleBeachSC News

After a recent business trip to Dallas, Texas, MyrtleBeachSC News editor David Hucks decided to merge his two similar Facebook pages.

Both pages were actually long-held duplicates of the same business page. Facebook allows duplicate pages to merge.

The merger makes MyrtleBeachSC News the largest fan-based media page in the Myrtle Beach DMA area.

Our readers will hear about more changes coming to MyrtleBeachSC Newssaid editor David Hucks. “My time in Dallas was a revelation for the new team. Although most of our traffic comes from direct local readers, followed by Google Organic searches and Google News searches, 2022 was a good time to make this change..”

In 2021, MyrtleBeachSC News split into sections which now include Home & Garden, Lifestyle, Health, Business and Culture.

These broadcast changes allow us to post a variety of news content that our local retiree group really enjoys. In short, these circulation changes have expanded our reach and readership.added Hucks.

Hucks said: “I believe Myrtle Beach will soon be heading in a much more positive direction. Horry County is already the fastest growing county in the state. We are delighted to be part of a community that is doing well.

505,253 fans

Myrtle Beach’s other competing news channels have pages as follows:

210,308 fans
170,721 fans
219,788 fans

MyrtleBeachSC News was founded in 2004 and serves the greater Horry County community.



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