Percy Jackson’s Walker Scobell Becomes Robin in Batman 2 Fan Art

Percy Jackson star Walker Scobell becomes Robin in Batman 2 fan art, giving Robert Pattinson his own marvel for the sequel.

As audiences eagerly await the next chapter in the new franchise, a piece of batman 2 fan art sees Percy Jackson and the Olympians star Walker Scobell as Robin. Although many are still waiting for The Dark Knight to return to the DC Extended Universe, Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. pursued their own vision with this year’s edition. The Batman. The film saw Bruce Wayne in his second year of crime-fighting Gotham as he got to know Colin Farrell’s Penguin and Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman while tracking down Paul Dano’s Riddler.


With widespread success and grossing over $770 million at the box office, Reeves signed a multi-year deal with WB to further develop a Batman shared universe, including a spin-off series centered on The Penguin and a proper sequel. The deal came on the heels of the merger of Warner Bros. Discovery, who saw the DCEU bat girl abandoned film, but batman 2 begin to take shape as Mattson Tomlin, who was an uncredited writer on the first film, was brought in to co-write the sequel with Reeves. As viewers continue to speculate on where batman 2 take on the franchise, one fan has their own idea of ​​who might appear in the future.

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As production continues on his Disney+ series, Instagram artist Clements.Ink has shared a new piece of batman 2 imagining fan art Percy Jackson and the Olympians‘ Walker Scobell as Robin. The post’s caption praised Scobell as “one of the best child actors out thereand feeling like it would be a perfect fit for Pattinson’s new universe. Check out the intriguing fan art below:

Given the darker nature of the first film, audiences have been widely divided on whether batman 2 should introduce a Robin in the universe of Pattinson and Reeves. Reeves himself teased the possibility of a sequel including The Dark Knight’s iconic sidekick, although he noted he would only appear if he could crack the “emotional issuesto adapt Robin to his universe. Pattinson also expressed his desire to have his own Robin in batman 2on the sole condition that the character is 13 years old, including Scobell currently.

Even though the sequel doesn’t include the young sidekick, batman 2 fan art imagining Scobell as the Robin of the universe is certainly an interesting concept for fans of the character. The young actor broke out in a major way with his acting debut in The Adam Project as the child version of the titular Ryan Reynolds character, and with great anticipation for his role as Percy Jackson in the Disney+ series, thanks in part to author Rick Riordan’s frequent praise throughout his production, Scobell looks set for another major tent pole in its future. In the meantime, audiences can rewatch Pattinson’s debut with The Batman streaming on HBO Max pending further details on the sequel.

Source: Clements.Ink/Instagram

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