Picture Perfect Batman Fan Art Makes Us Wish For A Comic Book Adaptation

Artist Eedaeth brings the cast of The Batman to life with a range of stylized characters that look straight out of a comic book.

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The Batman may not have received a comic book adaptation, but an artist’s interpretation of the film’s characters seems to come straight from the pages of a graphic novel.

Artist Eedaeth, who uses the handle @every0nes_uncle on Twitter, shared a “simple” look at The BatmanVersions of Joker, Riddler, Batman, Catwoman and the Penguin in a post that quickly went viral, racking up thousands of likes and retweets.

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From Batman’s tactical gear to the Riddler’s makeshift mask and oversized green jacket, Eedaeth’s art captures the relatively realistic looks developed by director Matt Reeves and The BatmanThe costume design team, which consisted of veteran designers David Crossman, Glyn Dillon and Jacqueline Durran. However, each character has a stylized appearance reminiscent of a comic book or anime adaptation, and Eedaeth’s designs feature more color than Reeves’ relatively understated film.

Before drawing the whole cast of The BatmanEedaeth tweeted out Barry Keoghan’s Joker fan art and praised the actor’s appearance in a deleted scene since it hit the internet.

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In the weeks following the film been theatrically released, concept art for The Batman appeared online showing the many iterations Batman and his world went through before the final cut. Early versions of the Batsuit show a more traditional cowl lacking the large collar that actor Robert Pattinson ended up wearing in the film’s final cut, for example, and Reeves has defended the Batsuit’s realistic appearance in interviews: “In the suit, you can see the seams in the hood. You can see he’s doing all of this himself. You can see he’s building this car in his garage. You can see the roughness of it. There had to be a certain unfinished, unpolished quality. And the suit had to protect it, so it had to…almost [look] like riot gear.”

The BatmanThe outfits of The Dark Knight and his supporting cast have yet to be incorporated into the more fantastical wardrobes of their comic counterparts. Nonetheless, variant covers for a variety of DC Bat-Family books were released in March to coincide with the film’s release date, featuring artists like Lee Bermejo and Rafael Albuquerque taking on the film’s grounded costumes.

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