Poison Ivy gets a makeover in new fan art

In some stunning Mindy Lee fan art, Poison Ivy gets a new character overhaul that makes the villain even more down to earth.

In stunning new fan art from illustrator Mindy Lee, Poisonous sumac gets a new overhaul that emphasizes its connection to green even more than usual. On her Twitter account, Lee shared her take on Pamela Isley, redesigning the villain (and sometimes the hero) to have a costume made entirely of leaves, branches, and other plants. The results are absolutely stunning, as Poison Ivy’s new outfit would be welcome in the current DC Comics continuity.

Poison Ivy is one of Batman’s most notable villains, having been fighting the Dark Knight for over 40 years after her debut in Batman # 181 by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff. Pamela Isley has incredible control over plant life, can poison her enemies with a touch (or a kiss), and can control them by releasing pheromones. Over time, Poison Ivy’s powers and connection with Green grew stronger, meaning she was able to have full control over the surrounding plant life. After originally having a romantic relationship with Batman, Poison Ivy became associated with Harley Quinn, as the two different-toned villains (and antiheroes) became one of DC Comics’ best couples. Quinn recently helped Ivy become whole after being split into two different personalities, Queen Ivy and Ivy.


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Artist Mindy Lee shared her character makeover from Poison Ivy on her Twitter account. His take on Ivy is unique and plays on the character’s personality and powers. Poison Ivy’s costume is made entirely of green, as her dress is made from roots and planes and has lots of plant accents throughout. The details are stunning, as all of the different plants combine to make a beautiful whole. Poison Ivy’s sleek pose makes the redesign even more striking. Check the picture for yourself.

Artists have already made the design of Poison Ivy entirely from plants. However, Lee’s redesign makes it seem like the appearance isn’t just a random assortment of plants, vines, and roots. Instead, it uses a lot of different details to create a cohesive design. As a result, Poison Ivy has never looked so good as her plant-like dress is impressive.

Considering the impressive details of Mindy Lee’s Poison Ivy redesign, it seems unfair to call it fan art – even though it technically is. Lee hit a home run in his redesign and hopefully that will inspire some cosplayers to try and bring the look to life. Of course, it would also be cool to see the design in a DC Comics story someday. Anyway, Lee Poisonous sumac is breathtakingly designed and truly stunning.

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Source: Mindy Lee Art / Twitter


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