Pokemon Fan Art Collects All Fire Starter Pokemon Together

A Pokemon fan creates illustrations of old Fire-type starters surrounding Fuecoco, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s new Fire-type starter.


With the recent release of Pokemon Legends: Arceusfans of the series were delightfully surprised when Gen 9 games, pokemon scarlet and Purple, were announced a few weeks ago. The next Nintendo Switch games are expected to release at the end of the year. Although there is a lot of unknown about these recently revealed titles, the new starter Pokemon was introduced at the end of pokemon scarlet and Purple‘s trailer, and many fans created their own illustration of the three.


Sprigatito, a green cat, is Generation’s Grass-type starter, Quaxly, a white duck with a blue hat, is Generation’s Water-type starter, and Fuecoco, an orange crocodile, is Generation’s Fire-type starter. the generation. All three of pokemon scarlet and PurpleThe starters have been hailed since their first reveal, and many fans have been spurred on with the creativity to create their own projects around the three.

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Reddit user GenericOnlineName has created fan art welcoming Fuecoco to the series. While many creative fans have created illustrations of pokemon scarlet and PurpleStarters of all together or alone, GenericOnlineName has taken a different approach by putting Fuecoco with the other Fire-type starters throughout the franchise.

In the image, Fuecoco is surrounded by the Fire-type starters from previous generations. While Tepig, Cyndaquil, Chimchar, Scorbunny, Fennekin, Torchic, and Charmander all smile at Fuecoco, delighted to be with him, Gen 7’s Fire-type cat starter Litten doesn’t care and simply opens one eye in lying down. Many fans who have seen this fan art point out that Litten stays true to his character as he is a lazy cat, while also mentioning how much they love GenericOnlineName’s artwork.

GenericOnlineName has uploaded many more artworks to Reddit. Another of their Pokemon pieces is similar to this, showing the Grass-like starters of older generations surrounding and welcoming Sprigatito. They also said they would do one with Water-types next.

While the fans wait pokemon scarlet and Purple to come out, some of them created their own artwork for others to enjoy. Like more Pokemon in pokemon scarlet and Purple are shown throughout the months leading up to its release, there will hopefully be plenty more fan art to enjoy.

pokemon scarlet and Purple are due out in late 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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