Pokemon Fan Art Combines Butterfree and Nidoran

A Pokemon fan and player combines Nidoran’s body with Butterfree’s face and wings to create an interesting new fusion design.

Pokemon fans have spent the past 25 years browsing and recreating the hundreds of Pokemon designs. One of the most common ways fans do this is to combine or merge different Pokémon to create a unique look. In the last example of this trend, a Pokemon Nidoran and Butterfree combined fan.

Pokemon fusions are a common art form in the Pokemon franchise and can result in everything from horrifying new designs to adorable ones. The Pokémon shown in this illustration, Nidoran and Butterfree, are a Poison and Bug/Flying-type from the first generation of Pokemon.


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This fusion comes from the spirit of SUPERSADKIDDO, and it’s an interesting new look for these Pokémon. Often when artists combine Pokemon through a merge website, they show what that site has created and that merge in this article looks slightly different than the artist’s creation. The site’s fusion takes Nidoran’s body, removes the horn, and overlays the Butterfree’s face and skin to make a simple combination. SUPERSADKIDDO, on the other hand, is inspired by it to create its own version of the merger. In their creation, the new Pokemon loses Nidoran’s ears and gains Butterfree’s wings and antennae (albeit in a smaller form). Their version also has the rough skin appearance of Nidoran instead of the smooth appearance of Butterfree.

Without a doubt, this new design is a recognizable amalgamation of two common Pokémon from the first generation of the franchise. The resulting creation is a little jarring to look at but would likely be a useful Poison/Flight type for players of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. This typing duel would join this Pokémon in a list including Zubat and its evolutions.

SUPERSADKIDDO’s Pokemon is an interesting look, but the type combination may not prove as useful as other Pokemon fusions. Like Zubat, this Butterfree and Nidoran mix will be weak to the Rock, Electric, Psychic, and Ice-types it faces in battle.

Again, this new Pokemon could be a useful addition for players who need a Pokemon resistant to Poison, Fighting, Bug, Grass, and Fairy types. Its usefulness might depend on that Pokémon’s ability to fly. Anyway, this fan shared an interesting fusion that combines two designs from the first generation.

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