Pokemon Fan Art Features Every Main Character In The Franchise

In a move that will delight longtime fans of the franchise, a Pokemon fan revealed a massive piece of artwork featuring all the main characters, both human and Pokemon even, throughout the history of the series. For Pokemon super fans are still poring over every detail of the latest pokemon scarlet and Purple trailer, browsing through this detailed image to find their favorite characters from past games could be a great way to pass the time until this game releases on November 18th.


The Pokemon franchise originating in Japan with Pocket monsters: red and green for the Nintendo Game Boy, released in 1996 by developer Game Freak. Renamed as pokemon red and blue for release outside of Japan, the game became an instant hit with fans and critics alike, and served as the foundation for what would become a massive multibillion-dollar media empire. In the 26 years since the franchise’s inception, it’s spawned countless games across multiple platforms, multiple TV series and movies, and even led gamers around the world to explore the world around them through the location-based mobile game. Pokemon GO.

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In a post on r/pokemon, Reddit user deandraws26 showed off their spectacular cartoon featuring all of the main characters from the beloved franchise’s 26-year history. As expected, almost all characters come with their signatures Pokemon acolyte. The highly detailed drawing, which took 3 months and 130 hours to complete, provides an excellent visual insight into the series’ many protagonists. At the center of the artwork are trainer Ash Ketchum and his shockingly loyal sidekick Pikachu, the duo that served as many gamers’ first introductions to the world of Pokemon.

The response to the fan creation, available to view as a single massive image in deandraw’s Reddit post, has been overwhelmingly positive. One commenter was so impressed with the image that he initially thought it was an official piece of art. Other commenters asked if they could purchase a copy of the nostalgic piece, and deandraws26 said they would be more than happy to sell copies to others. Pokemon Fans. The Pokemon franchise has inspired some truly unique fan creations over the years, ranging from simple designs to a Pokemon fans are dressing up their dog as Houndoom for Halloween, and this fan art is some of the best yet.

As the Pokemon Celebrating just over a quarter of a century of delighting fans around the world, this work of art depicting the many characters players have encountered along the way is truly something special. While players wait to get their hands on the next Pokemon Scarlet and Purpletaking a walk down memory lane to celebrate the franchise’s long history with this fan creation could be the perfect way to celebrate their love of the series.

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