Pokemon Fan Art Imagines an Amazing New Form for Starmie

A Pokemon fan creates fan art that imagines what Starmie might look like if he were given a new form or evolution.

pokemon sword and shield starmie

Sports record sales figures for the franchise on the Switch, Pokemon Legends: Arceus was a huge success. With millions of copies sold and a very active player base, Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘the unique direction of the open world marks a potential change in the genres of the future Pokemon Games.

Along with many feature and gameplay changes, the game also added new Pokemon to collect. This varies from Pokémon Alpha such as Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ threatening Alpha Ursaring to new forms and evolutions of previously existing Pokémon.


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More specifically, the new forms and developments introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus are beloved by many fans, especially with Pokemon which fans believe deserved an evolution like Basculin. However, although many older Pokémon received a new evolution or form, some were left out and others weren’t even included in the game. One of those excluded Pokémon was Staryu and its evolution Starmy. Perhaps in response to the exclusion, Reddit user Sudenvarjo decided to take matters into his own hands, designing a worthy evolution of the star-shaped Pokemon.

Sudenvarjo’s fan art of Starmie’s evolution is jaw-dropping, perhaps as much or more than Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘Shining Spiritomb. The design draws heavily from its pre-evolution while adding new parts and additions that add to Starmie’s form.

With the addition of new evolutions, forms and Alpha Pokémon such as Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ Rufflet, the opportunity for Pokemon like Sudenvarjo’s concept art is more than possible. Instead, it’s probably only a matter of time until popular Pokemon like Starmie receive a new form or evolution. The same goes for other popular Pokemon, and if the popularity of all these new Pokemon among gamers is anything to go by, Game Freak will be adding plenty more to its future games.

This hope bodes well for the future of the franchise, as Pokemon Legends: Arceus has innovated almost every facet and characteristic of Pokemon games created so far. From completely changing the genre, to reimagining and redefining Pokémon catching and battling, to RPG elements that bring new challenges and value to players’ actions, Pokemon has probably never been so fresh for new and returning coaches. Due to the success of the game, maybe the next game will see Pokemon Legends: Arceus players head to Johto for a similar adventure.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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