Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Eevee As The Three Legendary Dogs From Generation 2

Pokemon fans continue to celebrate Gen 2, and one Eevee enthusiast describes Pokemon Gen 1 as the three Legendary Dogs of Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

Release of Nintendo and The Pokemon Company Pokémon Gold and Silver in 1999, and apart from revisiting the titles with remakes on the Nintendo DS, Pokemon Gen 2 remains largely ignored. However, a Pokemon fan decided to celebrate the legendary dog ​​Pokémon from Generation 2 with unique Eevee fan art that depicts the Pokémon in three different forms.

Twitter user _Kieievui_ recently posted his fan art of Eevee as the three legendary dogs of pokemon gold, Moneyand Crystal called Entei, Raikou and Suicune. These beasts are unleashed on the Johto region once Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal players free them from the scorched tower in Ecruteak City, and they will move quickly around the map trying to avoid being caught. However, players will more easily capture a Suicune in Pokémon Crystal and will only have to find Entei and Raikou accordingly, as Ho-oh and Lugia stand still.


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the Pokemon _Kieievui_’s fan art doesn’t just put legendary dog ​​costumes on the Eevee they focus on, but each form differs markedly from the other. They correctly represent the Legendary Beasts color scheme, with the Suicune replica being a mix of white, blue, and purple, Entei offering a different tone with red, yellow, and gray, and the Raikou model standing out in black. , purple, and blue. Beyond the basic look of these Legendary Eevee, Suicune’s features the diamond pattern familiar to Pokemon Blue Gen 2, and the Raikou version has a fitting tiger print.

Suicune’s ribbons feature prominently in _Kieievui_’s fan art, which also shows off Entei’s signature headgear and Raikou’s flowing purple curls under a second pair of ears. Each of the Eevee’s tails is uniquely different, but the Entei Eevee has two sets of spikes on either side of its tail to join Entei’s other features to make this legendary Eevee the most similar to dogs of the three in the world. _Kieievui_ fan art. Beyond Gen 2 Legendary Dogs Pokemon titles, the games’ two main legendary Pokémon are Ho-oh and Lugia, but the artist has yet to imagine Eevee as the two legendary birds.

It’s not the first Pokemon fan art by _Kieievui_ which focuses on Eevee as the artist regularly includes Gen 1 Pokemon in their work. Since posting the legendary dog’s fan art, several Pokemon fans expressed excitement for how cute the mighty dogs could have been as Eeveelutions. While some Pokemon players anticipate a return to Johto in the style of let’s go games, it’s currently unclear if Nintendo will revisit Gen 2 of Pokemon soon.

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