Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Gastly as a Pumpkin

Ghosts have been around in the Pokemon series from the start, with humanoid ghosts and Ghost-type Pokémon making appearances throughout. Ghost-type Pokemon have been popular for a long time, and while the list has grown over the years, there’s still plenty of love for one of the originals.

Pokemon’s Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar family tree remains popular, especially its latest incarnation, Gengar. However, there is still a lot of love for Gastly, and a Pokemon fan came up with an idea of ​​what a cross between a Pumpkin and a Gastly might look like.


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Reddit user GUSTAV_1_2_3 shared one of his latest creations with the Pokemon subreddit, and fans seem to be fond of it. The mash-up does a great job of depicting a pumpkin while retaining the characteristics Gastly is known for, like his big mischievous eyes, fangs, and spooky aura. Instead of the Pokémon’s usual colorations, it has turned entirely orange, in keeping with the pumpkin it has become.

GUSTAV_1_2_3 hasn’t shared any information about their idea behind this particular fanart creation, so it’s unclear if this is a real Pokemon, or if Gastly just owns the pumpkin. After all, haunting and interacting with physical objects is something ghosts are well known for in lore. However, many in the comments imagined it to be a Pokemon itself, possibly even a regional variant of Gastly in a future realm. The typing is also something that has been questioned, as it could easily be a Fire/Ghost type, a Grass/Ghost type, or even a bit of a Dark type.

Almost all Pokemon The game brought a couple of new types of ghosts to the title, as well as the series’ unexplained human ghosts. Pokemon scarlet and violet may very well do the same, but at this time many details regarding the future of the series are unknown, as not much has been revealed regarding new Pokemon in the game. Unfortunately for fans of this design, it’s purely fan-made and won’t appear in a game anytime soon.

While Gastly may or may not get a regional form at some point, it’s clear that players still look fondly on the Ghost-type. Gastly has recently received the fan treatment in the form of Gastly headphones, appearing on a fan-made mat or getting a unique evolutionary line based on Filipino mythology. While the new ghosts are getting a lot of attention in Pokemonthere is still a lot of love for the trio that started it all.

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