Pokemon Fan Art imagines Pokemon as ninjas and samurai

A Pokemon fan shows off a number of designs featuring various pocket monsters such as Snorlax and Lucario as samurai and ninja.

the Pokemon The series has been around for over 25 years. During this time, many artists drew their own versions of Game Freak characters. Players smashed different pocket monsters from the Pokemon series together, drawing them in the style of other video games and as movie characters.

Some artists have redesigned Pokemon into unique styles that give them new life. One artist has done this by fusing Pokemon with classic Japanese ideas, creating stunning works of art that have their own style and feel.


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A Redditor going by the LVL225 handle drew a number of Pokemon like samurai and ninja. Pocket monsters such as Snorlax, Sceptile, and Poliwrath were drawn with mostly black-and-white armor and weapons. A few of the Pokemon have been given a small amount of color, adding some character and intensity to the designs. This includes Sceptile, who has an orange belt, and yellow-eyed Croagunk. The artist even drew the Pokemon Clefairy as a little samurai, sporting a spear and a flag. The samurai and ninja style matches the characters chosen by LVL225, resulting in some stunning pieces that give an interesting new take on creatures players are familiar with.

LVL225’s art has attracted a number of fans. Many think the pieces are amazing and said the works should be made available as prints. One speaker mentioned that these pieces of Pokemon the art would make for great tattoos, while others said they liked the minimal use of color with a few of the characters. There were also requests for other pocket monsters to be drawn in this style, including Tyranitar, Greninja, and Bisharp. Many fans love the way Clefairy was drawn, believing he is so cute and sweet. The artwork is quite impressive and shows the pocket monsters in a rarely seen yet so well suited style.

LVL225 isn’t alone in imagining Nintendo’s creatures in new and creative ways. A Redditor known as shunixe drew the Pokemon Raikou as a monstrous robot ready to pounce, giving him a terrifying new look. The design retains many aspects and details of Raikou that players would recognize, while giving him small aspects that contribute to the fact that he is now a mech. This includes taking the clouds off the Pokemon’s back and turning them into what now look like electric turbines. The piece has a very intimidating feel to it, and the design would work well as an alternate form for Raikou.

Pokemon scarlet and violet will be released in 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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