Pokemon Fan Art Shows Shows How Massive Xurkitree Is By Comparing It To Charizard

A Pokemon The fan art is quickly gaining traction online, showing Xurkitree’s immense height when comparing him to Charizard. While many people who know Pokemon would probably think a creature like Charizard would be one of the greatest to exist, it actually pales in comparison to some later generations. Such is the case with Xurkitree, which completely dominates the fan-favorite Pokemon.

An early Electric-type debuting in Generation Seven, Xurkitree is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. Xurkitree is also codenamed UB-03 Lightning, as it is one of the Ultra Beasts introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moona special group of extra-dimensional Pokémon that have passed through an Ultra Space wormhole.


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The impressive and illuminating fan art appears to have first appeared on a Pokemon subreddit, posted by user and creator u/ellal1321. The image shows a Xurkitree standing next to a bewildered Charizard, shocked at how gigantic the Pokémon standing next to it is. The artist also provided height measurements next to each Pokemon, with Charizard seemingly just an average human height of 5ft 7in. Xurkitree, however, stands at a much more intimidating 12ft 6in, more than twice as tall.

The drawing has garnered a strong response from fans, garnering over 2,000 upvotes at the time of writing. Many fans also filled in the comments section, with some stating that the catchable Xurkitrees are only “saplings” compared to the size the Pokemon can potentially grow to. At the Ultra Plant, the home of Xurkitree and a location exclusively available in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra MoonPokémon can grow to sizes that rival skyscrapers or even the landscape itself.

Although Xurkitree’s catchable form is 12.5 feet tall, it’s not even among the 22 largest Pokemon of all time. Several of the other Ultra Beasts are significantly taller in stature, with Guzzlord and Stakataka both standing 18 feet tall, and Celesteela a staggering 30 feet, putting Xurkitree at the shorter end of the spectrum. The largest Pokemon of all time is Eternatus, measuring 65 feet long and 328 feet long when Dynamaxed.

Although it’s unclear if and when the Ultra Beasts will return to a mainline Pokemon title, fans have the new Pokemon Terestal in pokemon scarlet and Purple to look forward to. The franchise’s latest gadget allows Pokemon to transform into a jewel-like form, with 18 Tera types available to give Pokemon an edge in battle. While the new feature won’t make Pokemon as big as Xurkitree, it’s certainly a nice looking feature for the Pokemon franchise.

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