Pokemon Fan Art Shows What A Ghost-Type Sceptile Would Look Like

A talented Pokemon fan artist designs the Hoenn grass-type starter Pokemon, Sceptile, should it become part ghost-type.

One of the basic mechanisms of Pokemon franchise is the different types of pocket monsters. Each Pokémon can be one or two of the eighteen types introduced in the Pokemon games with these types affecting more than the moves they learn or their usefulness in a battle. The whole concept of a Pokémon’s design is usually centered around the primary typing of that Pokémon, so if one were to change it, the design would surely change.

This is where the limitless potential of fan art comes in. Some of these artists set out to redesign certain Pokémon with a new type in mind. Taking the fire-type Vulpix and turning it into a poison-type or turning the aquatic Gyarados into a ground-type are just a few concepts that the Pokemon fan base has produced. One fan artist, in particular, took one of the Hoenn starter Pokémon and designed it with a new secondary typing.


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A Reddit user named Guason_Arts redesigned Sceptile from Pokemon ruby ​​and sapphire in a grass and ghost type. Generally, Sceptile is exclusively a grass-type and is considered by some to be the best grass-type in Gen 3. skull shape and a chest designed after the bare ribs of a skeleton. This new Sceptile appears as if its stomach area and lower legs are made of a purple smog.

What may be the most noticeable change from Guason_Arts’ Sceptile is that its lush, tree-like tail is almost completely leafless. The tail now has large spikes sticking out with a leaf sitting at the tip of the tail. This appears to be the only fan art that Guason_Arts has produced of this type, although they have created other pieces including Venusaur.

One of the reasons why this type of fan may have become such a popular trend could be the same reason why the Pokemon the fanbase fell in love with the regional variants. The concept inherently has a ton of potential as fan artists consider the various reasons why a Pokemon may have adapted differently to a new climate and how those adaptations influenced its design. This idea has gained so much popularity that some fans have made their own list counting which Pokémon most deserve a regional variant.

Fan art like this can further amp up fans’ excitement for the next one. Pokemon Games. Many fans are hoping to see the concept of regional variants return and with rumors claiming to have seen new regional variants for Pokemon scarlet and violetfans will have to wait and see what Game Freak has in store for the new Pokemon Games.

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