Pokemon Fusion Fan Art Combines Leafeon and Sawsbuck

A Pokemon fan shows off an artwork that combines the Grass-Types Leafeon and Sawsbuck into one pocket monster.

A Pokemon fan created an interesting fusion by combining Leafeon and Swasbuck into one creature. Artwork based on Game Freak’s RPG series is hugely popular, with many gamers celebrating the franchise through their creativity. Pokemon art comes in many forms, ranging from drawings to hand-made figures.

One type of art that fans like to create is combining different Pokemon. Sometimes the pocket monsters that are mixed together have many similar characteristics, although sometimes they can be very different from each other in appearance. This can lead to some interesting mix-ups with amazing or terrifying results.


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A Reddit user named WowPokefusions has combined two Grass-type Pokémon in order to celebrate the fall season. The two pocket monsters that were mixed together were Leafeon and the fall version of Sawsbuck, with the resulting creature being named Leafbuck and featuring Grass/Normal-Typing. The Pokémon has a similar body type and face to Leafeon while retaining Sawsbuck’s leafy hooves and mane. It has a tail and a leaf on its chest similar to the Eeveelution, though it retains the shape of the deer’s pocket monster horn and eyes. He also has spots on his back similar to Sawsbuck. The two Pokémon have made a great merger and are a pleasant representation of autumn.

A few Redditors enjoyed the mix of Leafeon and Sawsbuck from WowPokefusions. One user said the artwork was cute and looked like an intermediate evolution between Deerling and Sawsbuck. Another commenter mentioned they liked the style and said they liked the freckles that were added to the creature. The work of WowPokefusions is adorable and is a perfect way to celebrate this time of year using Pokemon.

Another Redditor known as Nico_Dreamz also combined two Pokémon, although their mashup was a bit more random than what WowPokefusions offered. Nico_Dreamz mixed Shedinja and Yveltal together, creating a scary yet intriguing result.

The creature retains much of Yveltal’s body, although its color scheme has been changed to be mostly tan and brown. The collar on the Legendary’s neck which was originally gray has been changed to pink. The Confusion’s head is basically Shedinja’s, though the halo visible on the Bug-Type has been changed to a pink one that matches the frill on the creature’s neck. The fusion is a bit odd, with the two Pokemon chosen being very different from each other. Both Nico_Dreamz and WowPokefusions have done a good job mixing up pocket monsters, creating creatures that can be enjoyed by fans of the series.

Pokemon scarlet and violet will be released on November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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