Pokemon Fusion Fan Art Combines Venusaur and Torterra

A Pokemon fan uploads artwork that combines the final evolution forms of two iconic Grass-type starters, Venusaur and Torterra.

There is a lot of art Pokemon fans who enjoy creating their own artwork inspired by the creatures that can be battled and captured in games. Some fans even like to combine two Pokémon to create a whole new pocket monster. A Reddit user named KattenGamerKG mixed two final evolution forms of iconic Grass-type starter Pokémon, Venusaur and Torterra, to create their own creation.

Venusaur is the final evolution of Bulbasaur, which was the franchise’s first Grass-type starter as it was introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue. Venusaur has a pink flower on its back and three short claws on each of its legs. Torterra, meanwhile, was introduced in the first two Gen 4 games, Pokemon Diamond and pearl, and is the final evolution of those titles’ Grass-like starter, Turtwig. There is a tree on Torterra’s back, and spikes can be found around his body and face.


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KattenGamerKG has taken the characteristics of Venusaur and Torterra to create its own creation. There is a green flower on the Pokémon’s back combined with some trees on its sides. Torterra Spikes and Venusaur Claws have also been added to this creature, making it look very large and powerful, a perfect combination of the plant-based Pokemon.

Other Pokemon fans saw this merge and commented on how much they liked it, and some of them even suggested a few names for the combined Pokémon, such as Torsaur and Terrasaur. Other Reddit users also commented on how it looks like KattenGamerKG took inspiration from legendary Pokemon giants Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Regieleki, and Regidrago, as well as their master, Regigigas as well.

This is far from the first time that KattenGamerKG has uploaded artwork combining the characteristics of two Pokémon on Reddit. They’ve already released fanart of Milotic and Hydreigon fused together, a mix of Darkrai and Ditto, a creature based on Rotom and Mimikyu, and more. KattenGamerKG even combined Torterra with other Pokémon, such as Porygon and Slowpoke.

As new Pokémon soon arrive in the franchise with the release of pokemon scarlet and Purple later this year, talented artists like KattenGamerKG who combine the pocket monsters will definitely be inspired to create awesome new artwork. It will be great to see what Pokemon-inspired creatures KattenGamerKG and similar artists post next on Reddit for other fans to enjoy.

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