Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Art Shows a Cool Poison Type Eeeveelution

Each time a new Pokemon generation appears, fans are curious whether or not they will receive a new Eeveelution in Gen 9. Eevee, time and time again, has proven to be as important a mascot for the franchise as Pikachu. Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon and Sylveon are incredibly popular, and many want to see a new one in Pokemon scarlet and violet.

Whether that happens remains to be seen, but that fan desire is certainly palpable. In fact, many have created their own over the years, and one fan recently decided to create his own Eeveelution first and foremost. Pokemon scarlet and violet reveals, with a Poison-type evolution.


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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Poison-Type Eevee Fan Art

Redditor Bvbydragon recently posted their Poison-type Eeveelution on the Pokemon scarlet and violet subreddit, showing off their chimera-inspired design. While a Poison-type Eeveelution would probably have a simpler name like Toxeon could be where a new Eeveelution would go, Chimereon also has a nice ringtone. Anyway, it seems from this drawing that Eevee’s fur would turn white, with a purple mark on its head, a purple tail, and horns.

All in all, it’s quite interesting. Bvbydragon’s fan art manages to capture the simplicity of Eeveelution’s designs but adds some unique twists. There’s a lot of Eeveelution fan art, as well as Pokemon scarlet and violet fan art there, and this one stands out. This basically begs the question, again, of whether next-gen will add an Eeveelution, and unfortunately the answer isn’t too clear.

Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet add a new Eeveelution?

purple scarlet title pokemon

At first, it looked like new Eeveelutions would arrive with every even generation. Besides their introduction in Gen 1, Gen 2 added two (Umbreon, Espeon), Gen 4 added two (Glaceon and Leafeon), and Gen 6 introduced one (Sylveon). Following this logic, Pokémon Sword and Shield should have added a new Eeveelution, and it didn’t. Pokemon scarlet and violet might add a new Eeveelution or two just because Gen 8 didn’t, opting to add a Gigantamax Eevee form instead, but it’s hard to really judge. Indeed, no one wants to go through three people without a new Eeveelution.

Yes Pokemon scarlet and violet add a new Eeveelution, there are quite a few types it could be. Bvbydragon’s Poison pick is one of them, while Fighting, Ground, Flying, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, and Steel are all possibilities. Of these, there are many interesting possibilities, but Ghost or Dragon-types seem the least likely due to the way types generally work. Any of them would be welcome, of course, and fans would be thrilled at the thought of another Eeveelution, as they already are.

Pokemon scarlet and violet should be released at the end of 2022 for Switch.

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