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The head of an official fan page for former vice president and KMT presidential candidate Wu Den-yih posted an apology on Facebook, after being criticized for a joke posted on the page, which many considered it discriminatory against Taiwanese. Native.

Critics said the joke played on ethnic stereotypes that aborigines were uneducated, while making fun of their accent.

Wu was vice president of Ma Ying-jeou from 2012 to 2016. He was first vice president of KMT in 2014 and acting president in 2014-2015. The “Taiwan Loyalty – Wu Den-yih fans” fan page was established to support his candidacy for president.

The joke was posted on April 9 and an apology was added to the post on April 11.

New Power Party spokesman CL Lee slammed Camp Wu during a press briefing yesterday, April 12, saying the joke showed they lacked awareness of stereotypes and discrimination. Lee also blamed Wu for not responding to the case.

The joke centers on a native in a job interview.

Asked about his educational experience, the employer hears “台大 歷史” (Tái dà lì shǐ) which translates to “National Taiwan University, history”. NTU is the best university in Taiwan and the employer is impressed.

But the interviewee actually said “抬 大理石” (tái dà lǐ shí) – “lifting / carrying marble”. Marble mining is an industry on the east coast of Taiwan, where many aborigines reside.

The misunderstanding arises because the native interviewed pronounces the last two syllables in the wrong tone.

Wu himself graduated from National Taiwan University majoring in history, and the joke would have been a self-deprecating joke. But readers who comment on Facebook have not accepted the use of a false Aboriginal accent to make their point.

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