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St. Thomas Public Safety Sgt. Reginald Wright, commonly known as Reggie, made positive connections with students during his career at St. Thomas, but especially with this class of freshmen, which prompted the creation of the fan club’s Instagram page. UST Reggie.

Wright has worked in St. Thomas for nine years, and he continues to work in St. Thomas because of the connections and relationships he has built with students.

“I would have quit long ago if it weren’t for the students themselves; the freshness in the mind (of the students) and the ideals that have been set, and then the ideas that you create as an adult, ”Wright said.

Her love and support for students is not unrecognized, and freshman Ben Duffing has decided to do something about it.

It started with Wright speaking during the first year orientation, and it progressed until over thirty people made t-shirts with ”

“I just think he was a really contagious person, and I really like the way he got my attention in a respectful and admiring manner,” Duffing said.

Wright thinks the atmosphere he creates is simply because he is himself.

Duffing recognizes how Wright interacts with students, and Wright said that a combination of his roles outside of St. Thomas affects the way he treats students, most notably as a cult leader at Shiloh Baptist Missionary Church.

“I represent the kingdom. I represent my family. I represent myself. And then by proxy, I represent the school by proxy, ”Wright said. “So, as a representative of the school, why not do my best? ”

Wright also brings the Christmas spirit to various families and the community of St. Thomas by dressing up as Santa Claus during the holiday season.

“Being Santa Claus is just another embodiment of the spirit of goodwill, and allows me to interact and act and act essentially like a 350 pound child,” Wright said.

Wright says being Santa Claus is just an extension of himself and he’s having more fun than the kids he visits.

Duffing said Wright’s joy and love for his job made him recognize Wright.

“Honestly, he makes me feel safe,” Duffing said. “I don’t know how to describe him, just the way he spoke, and then he just has such a friendly face and character and a big beard, he’s like a big guy who seems so warm and welcoming.”

Although the Reggie Fan Club is currently just an Instagram group, they want to expand their reach to include more BIPOC students, staff and community members.

“I think maybe discussions with some of our staff who are people of color; I think that’s what I would like to focus the club on, ”said Duffing.

He encourages students to use creation[space] on campus to make Reggie t-shirts, and he points out that this club is all about Wright, not himself.

“I’m glad he got some of the recognition he deserves, I think,” Duffing said.

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