Quina becomes Dark Souls in nightmarish Final Fantasy IX fan art


The awe-inspiring art continues to be the silver lining of the otherwise socially destructive cesspool of society that is Twitter. In this sense, Jenny Holmér, a main artist and main character at Outsider Games, has created spectacular Quina Quen fan art of Final Fantasy IX, but stylized like a nightmare Dark souls character. It’s grotesque, disturbing, and generally not something anyone should spend a lot of time watching – but it’s also very high quality and worth admiring, so here we are.

Quina is one of the most memorable characters in Final Fantasy IX to be a merry one, hunger blue mage, which makes the character attractive to fan art, but a crossover with Dark souls is quite possibly new territory. There’s so much disgusting saliva clinging to that massive tongue! If anyone has changed this in a silent Hill game (a brand new Hideo Kojima silent Hill game?), it would basically fit without any further modification, and it would obviously fit very well into the Demon souls also redo.

Even cooler, Jenny Holmér provided a little break in its process by creating the Quina Dark souls fan art too, demonstrating just how cute a Final Fantasy IX character can become an abomination. And if all that is not enough for you, Holmér has also already created a Dark souls confront Eiko Carol.

Last month, a massive Nvidia GeForce NOW data leak resulted in a giant list of games that strength be or have been at some point in development, and it included a remake of Final Fantasy IX. Anyone can guess if such a project actually exists, but it was enough to keep a lot of people’s engines running anyway. Meanwhile, if you are a Dark souls fan, watch how a guy beats Dark souls using a controller made from Pizza Hut pizza.



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