Rainbow Six Siege celebrates the holidays with festive fan art

Rainbow Six Siege celebrated the holiday season in style. A new limited-time game mode with snowballs and winter cosmetics made the game fun.

Now, the developers of Ubisoft are bringing the celebration to social media with a focus on Rainbow Six Siege fans.

The official Rainbow Six Siege page shared a handful of great fan art, calling them “wonderful works of art” on the theme of after the holidays being “just around the corner.”

The first piece of art was from an artist called Ravenous Moth on Twitter. The image presents the “small winter walk of Dokkaebi and Vigil”. The artist shared artwork from different operators in a variety of winter scenes throughout the month.

The second is from Retro Disaster R6, a Twitter account dedicated to an individual’s Rainbow Six Siege artwork. Many of their illustrations feature a very cute version of popular operators. Iana Simp was credited for another piece of art. They also have an entire Twitter dedicated to R6 fan art.

A Korean Twitch streamer, Dalphine, created the latest piece of art that the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter shared, proving that there are dedicated R6 fans all over the world who not only love playing the game but enjoy the games. operators and their deep history.

Ubisoft continued to focus on community creations. The developers recently revealed a handful of extraction character guides to better help performers and cosplayers recreate their favorite Operators.

All other Rainbow Six Siege fans who have created winter-themed operator artwork are encouraged to use the # R6Community tag on Twitter so the R6 team can better find their creations. A quick glance at the hashtag shows a variety of art styles from different artists around the world.

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