Rihanna stars as Storm in this fan art

Acclaimed singer Rihanna is absolutely electric in this fan art depicting the artist as the X-Men’s resident weather wizard, Storm.

Rihanna Storm X-Men

Every once in a while a fan-casting of a character unfolds so unexpectedly that people wonder why the fantasy hasn’t come true. It happened with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (minus the “unexpected” part, since he was already about as close to an actual Deadpool as anyone could be) and, hopefully, it will continue to inspire decisions in the real world. But for now there is a piece of X Men Rihanna’s fan art as Storm that certainly deserves some attention.

Fan art is just one way to convey such inspired ideas, and one artist in particular has decided to show everyone what the X Men the franchise has been absent all of these years. Well, at the very least, that’s one of the many things the franchise was missing. A Deadpool and Wolverine team is probably at the top of this list, but asking for all at once is greedy. So this artist started out with a slightly more attainable goal. Even less achievable than James McAvoy returning as Professor X, but they have to start somewhere.

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Artist and comic fan Carlos gzz apparently tapped into the audience’s subconscious desires when creating this piece, which portrays singer and actress Rihanna as the weather-controlling mutant herself, Storm. It only takes one glance at the room to feel the awe-inspiring power behind it, and the Barbadian singer’s natural presence goes a long way in achieving this effect. Not bad, considering that her face is the only real part of her that appears in the image.

Rihanna might not be a lot of people’s first choice to play the role of Storm, but there’s no denying how at home she looks in this fan art piece. Sporting a confident, unfazed look that wouldn’t be out of place in any royal court, she adds a surprising amount of depth to the already formidable superhero. Aside from all of the cold weather control abilities, Storm (real name Ororo Munroe) is known for her leadership qualities that make her an invaluable asset to the X-Men, and some iterations of the character even place her as a Wakandan royalty. So he’s clearly someone who knows how to get things done, and Rihanna has the presence that one expects from someone like that.

The X Men is a prime place to speculate on who might join the Marvel Cinematic Universe next. Same iZombieRahul Kohli is interested in it, even if his ironic ideas are a bit eccentric. But that just means that it would be all the cooler to see Rihanna step into the fray, as the unconventional approach would shock and impress audiences in one fell swoop.

Besides, shocking and impressing at the same time is kind of a great place that people in Hollywood strive for. So why not start here and find out all the rest later? Of course, that’s absolutely not how casting works. But being cautious in the wind and just jumping in cannonball style would definitely turn some heads.

The X Men the films are available to stream on Disney Plus Canada.

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Source: Carlos Gzz / Instagram

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